Spooky Ideas, Activities and Venues for Halloween!

Warning : Ghosts are real, and we like Zombies...

October 31stis nearing, and this date isn't just an opportunity to bash on your neighbours door before running away and pelting their car with a load of eggs; It's also a great chance to get together with friends and go try something out of the ordinary.

Better still, if any of your mates have chosen to tie the knot at this particular time of year and you're planning astag do,hen party, or if agroup eventis on the horizon the following activities are great for having some fun and getting everyone in a creepy mood.

Especially if you like Zombies.

So take a look at these terrifying activities and ifHell in a Cell, or Zombie Blitz aren't enough to give you a fright, you're probably already dead.

Halloween Boris


The End of the World Brexit Party

If a Martian attack didn't scare the hell out of you, then what about a spine tingling "End of the World Party"!

Will Boris survive in to November? Who knows, but for a meet and greet of a Boris lookalike at an exclusive Halloween party on the 31st October, you can at least hear him DJ although we can't guarantee he's quite got his withdrawal agreement worked out

Halloween Medieval Banquet


Medieval Banquet

As twilight falls, the olde City of London turns to darkness; it's time to dine.

The Medieval Banquet is an immersive halloween themed banquet and is the perfect location for witches, warlocks, zombies, werewolves and evil jesters.

Contact Chillisauce for best prices and to book.


Zombie Bootcamp

Hordes of the 'infected' are roaming the land, martial law has been declared, and you've been conscripted to fight off the undead. After reporting to a secret camp near Birmingham, you'll undertake combat training led by military instructors, learning close quarters battle skills with semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns, and unarmed combat, including using household objects as weapons. You'll then be thrown into battle, deployed on 2 missions to seek and destroy the zombies.

Manchester / Liverpool

Zombie Blitz

Think you've got what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse? Grab a combat vest and a shotgun and learn to work as a team to stay alive. Explore streets, labs, jungles and armouries while watching out for traps, solving missions and steering clear of the infected. You'll need to trust your instincts and think tactically if you want to survive.


London Dungeon Experience

Tales of murder, misery and misdeeds are brought to life with a splash gallows humour, in this entertaining trip through London’s creepiest pastimes. Using a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides the Dungeon team immerse you in series of terrifyingly funny stories; each one as real as the rats.

Thriller Mobile Dance


Thriller Themed Dance Class

It's not halloween without some spooky dancing, so dance your way to doom with a Michael Jackson Thriller themed dance class. it's sure to shake the cobwebs off!


Trapped In A Room With A Zombie

The principle is simple; you’re locked in a room and must follow clues to escape. The twist is you’re joined by a zombie. While they’re restrained, it won’t last long. Every five minutes the zombie’s chain is released another foot, and within an hour, they’ll reach you. Use your time wisely, working with your team or shielding yourself behind them. Just hope you find the key before having to face the alternative

London, Birmingham, Manchester

Urban Axe Throwing

You'll be slinging axes side by side against your friends, hitting bullseyes and cheering on your mates. All backed up with great music and atmosphere and a chance to socialise between throws. Our experienced throwing coaches will get you throwing like a pro in no time. Then once you've got the hang of it we'll take you and your group through a tournament until the king or queen of axes is crowned.


Zombie Apocalyptic Challenge

You might be feeling like the walking dead after the night before, but there’s no better cure than this epic zombie package. During the activity, you’ll get to throw axes, shoot crossbows and even fire semi-automatic rifles straight at the zombie targets. After taking on the zombies, you’ll get to take part in some head-to-head shooting competitions to find out who the sharpest shooter really is.


Hell In A Cell Escape Room

You have been kidnapped. Imprisoned by a disturbed serial killer with a harrowing distaste for reality. He hides his face with a mask of skin, made from of bits of his victims. Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Saw and Crystal Maze in this chilling trip beneath Bristol Crown Court. Mentally prepare for a wholly unique escape room experience, which aims to traumatise, and work together to free yourselves, before he gets back.

Edinburgh / York / London

Ghost Bus Tours

Complete with actors and technical trickery on board, this is a sightseeing tour like no other. The specially designed ghost bus even has blacked out windows for added ghoulishness. It will take you to some of the most famous haunted spots in the city where you’ll learn of the murder, torture and all things supernatural related to them. While travelling between haunted stops, amazing actors will have you both laughing and screaming as they act out well-known tales of terror.

Zombie Madness The Asylum - Liverpool


Bunker 51, The Dark and Damned Carnival

The Dark and the Damned offers an immersive and hedonistic night club experience, with over 20 actors and performers incorporating carnival games, DJs and 2 scarey mazes! This is one truly twisted club night experience.

Contact Chillisauce for best prices and to book.

Halloween Stripper


Monsters and Martinis - Platinum Lace

Halloween themed VIP table dancing; prolong your night with full drinks packages and VIP treatment at one of London's best adult clubs.

Contact Chillisauce for best prices and to book.



Proud Embankment - Halloween and Spooktacular

Cabaret style event with halloween themed Drag Extravaganza with Cabaret Dinner and show!

Burlesque throughout with drag acts and tasty platters, you can expect death defying lip syncs alongside some kick ass cabaret.

Contact Chillisauce for best prices and to book.

Group doing karaoke 3


Creep Carnival Karaoke

Combine your desire to sing with a spooky halloween pre-booked karaoke room, with a free cocktail to help you hit those more screechy notes.

Chillisauce are always adding new activities to our already broad range, so if none of these appeal but you're lucky enough to be planning an event of your own, you are free to explore our website activity pages further for hundreds more ideas for yourstag do,hen partyorgroup event.

One last thing before you go...

Haunted Venues Ideas

As if all the usual trials and tribulations of a wedding aren’t enough, the idea of romance between some couples extends as far as marrying in the presence of not only both friends and family, but meddlesome ghosts.

Here’s a selection of thespookiest venues, all featuring the weirdest ghosts available.

Our favourite? You've guessed it....Salem's Lot. The ultimate wedding venue.