Pit Stop Challenge

Complete a series of exercises within teams led by their team host
Build their teams F1 brand
Build team strategies for different racing scenarios
Pitch for and assign Team Principal & team roles
Team practice sessions for different roles: drill mechanic, tyre changer and jack
First pitstop challenge followed by a debrief and tweaks to team strategy
Final timed pitstop challenge
Winning team take to the podium


Replicating an actual F1 Pit Stop, this experience is a unique and true test of skill, coordination and teamwork, combined with all of the excitement, adrenaline and pressure of a real pit stop environment. The team will assume the roles of the Williams F1 Pit Stop crew and work together to perform the fastest tyre change possible. As a team they will need to work together to understand the techniques needed to perform each role effectively and to maximise the team’s performance by placing the right people in the right roles. This is achieved by reviewing their performances throughout to promote the use of continuous improvement and teamwork. Different elements of the event will take place in different Stations and the elements above may be interspersed with other activities depending on group size, including Race Simulators and a Batak Challenge.


Minimum People
15 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Useful Info
This is a mobile activity & does not include a venue
Company branding can be arranged for an additional fee
The exact time to allow will depend on the group size
Start Times
Mon to Sun 8:00 - 19:00
2 hours

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