Charity Giftbox Challenge

Instruction and equipment
Experienced host and crew to run the event
Donations to Buses 4 Homeless charity


Charity Giftbox Challenge is a cerebral challenge set out to test the mental agility, intelligence, and common sense of all the teams. Different challenges are worth different points and teams have to choose which challenges to complete, aiming to get through as many as possible. The more points teams receive the more fun money they will receive. Teams will be able to spend their fun money in the shop of dreams, purchasing Christmas gifts that are donated to our homeless charity partners - Buses 4 Homeless. Each team will be given a box and a booklet. In the booklet will be a list of challenges and in the red box will be tools to help them complete the tasks. The tools could range from a pair of scissors to a notepad, or elastic bands to pipe cleaners. But the tools you have aren’t as important as the way you use them and the power of your mind. The challenges vary in points and there is no set order in which the task must be done. Teams can attempt more than one challenge at once and so it is down to groups to use each individual wisely and assign challenges and tasks to each team


Useful Info
Venue size and requirements may mean some activities willl need to be adapted to the space.
Start Times
Mon to Sun 9:00 - 20:00
1 hours

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