We’ve got tons of activities that are perfect for big groups looking to find out who the real Ronaldo of the group is. So, try a zorb football match with your mates, get tickets to a live footy match or have a kickabout with your favourite football legend - we have everything covered so that you can organise a properly unforgettable football stag weekend.


Play with a legend

Best for living your childhood dream

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to play alongside one of your footballing heroes. With over 100 top players to choose from you can have a kickabout with the likes of Frank Sinclair, Arsenal’s Nigel Winterburn and even Tottenham's Darren Anderton. After playing a full match, you can end your unforgettable day with a few drinks with your legend in the pub.


Foot golf

Best for testing your football skills

Get your preppiest clothes on and enjoy the glorious game of foot golf. Just like in regular golf, you’ll be working your way around a course but you’ll be kicking a football instead of using clubs. Don’t worry, the courses have special football-sized holes for you to ‘put’ into. It’s an activity that requires some serious skill.


Human table football

Best for having a laugh with your mates

We’ve all enjoyed a good game of table football in the past, but this time, you get to become one of the players. Strap yourself in, as you and your mates hilariously move across the pitch. If the idea of running the full length of a football pitch leaves you exhausted then this activity could be for you.


Zorb football

Best for showing your mates who’s boss

Strap yourselves into a giant inflatable bubble, step onto the pitch, then bounce, barge and bump your way into your mates during this chaotic football match. The hilarious twist on a 5-a-side match is one of the most popular stag activities around, and once the whistle blows you’ll soon find out why - you’ll be knocking each other to the floor in seconds!


Foot darts

Best for testing your accuracy

If you think you have the precision of Messi, why not test your skills in the magnificent game of Foot Darts? It’s the perfect mix of the beautiful game and the classic pub favourite. So, find out who the real free-kick maestro is and get bragging rights with this ultimate test of accuracy - you’ll get to shoot velcro balls at the giant inflatable dartboard and see if you can hit the bullseye!


Football match tickets

Best for atmosphere

What better way to spend your stag weekend then to soak up the big match atmosphere and watch your favourite football team in person. We all know that it’s a nightmare getting seats together but never fear, we can get you and your mates guaranteed seats together at one of the most prestigious stadiums in the UK. It’s definitely one of the most memorable football activities we offer.


Goggle football

Best for embarrassing your mate

This hilarious activity is sure to be the highlight of any stag party. When you strap on a pair of these vision-altering goggles you’ll lose all sense of direction, depth perception and the ability to perform seemingly simple tasks like kicking a ball. Any opportunity to watch your mates fall flat on their arses definitely shouldn’t be missed!


Premium 5 a side football

Best for curing a hangover

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than playing in a five-a-side tournament with your best mates. With this premium package, you’ll get the pitch hire and a qualified referee to officiate the mini-tournament - that way, no one can complain about the decisions! So, get your kit on and head onto the pitch, it’s the perfect way to run off last night’s hangover.


Stadium tour

Best for behind-the-scenes access

Take a stadium tour of some of the most iconic venues in the UK and Europe, including rival teams Manchester City and Manchester United, Lisbon's impressive Estadio da Luz stadium, Amsterdam’s Ajax stadium and the famous Nou Camp. You’ll have access-all-areas at these prestigious stadiums, including the club museum where you can learn about the club’s rich history. You can even nose around the player’s changing rooms and see what it’s really like to be a professional football player.

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