Looking for stag do ideas for over 40s? Booze, partying and falling over is all fun and games - when you’re in your 20s - but with more and more couples choosing to tie the knot at an older age, who says an older man can’t have an exciting stag do? Here’s a look at some age-appropriate stag ideas, from Cigar Tasting to Exclusive Catamaran Cruises.


Cigar tasting

Best for something unusual

Indulge in another, altogether classier vice by arranging a cigar tasting evening. Try the finest tobacco from around the world while you’re educated on the origins, inspirations and finest cigar pairings. The perfect excuse to celebrate your mate’s last weekend of freedom. Being a man never felt so good.


Sea fishing

Best for a bonding session

Fancy something different for your stag do weekend? Try sea fishing. Jump on board and head out to sea. You’ll need your sea legs and plenty of patience but it’s a great activity for catching the rays and reliving funny stories from years ago. Then as your line’s start to pull, compete for the biggest catch.


Play with a legend

Best for those football fanatics

Relive your sporting dreams and play football with a legend. Everyone’s got a mate who claims he ‘could have gone pro’ and now you can really put him up to the challenge. You’ll meet with your legend to discuss the big game, talk tactics and get some top advice, before having a 5-a-side match with your Legend. This is one stag do activity that will not be forgotten in a hurry!



Best for getting your heart racing

Have you and your mates ever fancied being in Cool Runnings? Head on over to Riga and brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime with an adrenaline-fuelled blast down an Olympic track - reaching speeds of 80 km per hour. The bobsleigh run will test your speed, skills, and nerve surrounded by panoramic mountain views.


Hovercraft racing

Best for photo opportunities

Enjoy the strange sensation of floating above the ground in a one-of-a-kind hovercraft. With no brakes, you’ll need to quickly shift your weight to manage your speed, not to forget the hair-pin bends and tight corners. Fly around the track in this rare vehicle and set the fastest possible time.


Match tickets

Best for the die hard sports fan

Treat your stag and plan your weekend around his favourite football team. Experience the big match atmosphere of watching the beautiful game in person, with tickets to see two top teams in action. You’ll be guaranteed seats together, as well as access to the high-end hospitality areas, while you watch some of the biggest stars in football at the most atmospheric stadiums across the UK.


Monster truck driving

Best for that macho feel

The opportunity to drive the biggest monster trucks in the UK doesn’t come along very often. You’ll get the chance to get behind the wheel of ‘Grizzly’ - an American beast with wheels that are almost six feet high! There’s also a collection of smaller but just as thrilling buggies. You’ll navigate these machines across a variety of terrains and you might even get to crush some cars beneath your mighty wheels.


Budapest thermal spa

Best for relaxing

Soothe your aching limbs at Budapest's stunning ancient thermal spa. Take a dip in the huge pools and feel the toxins literally flow from your body. As well as the huge central fountain, there are several steam rooms, saunas and spas at different temperatures. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city, and for good reason too!


Yacht hire

Best for feeling like a millionaire

This once in a lifetime activity lets you take in the sights from on board your very own luxury yacht or speed-boat as you dance, drink and soak up the atmosphere. It’s a must-do attraction in Croatia. Whether you want to cruise around the islands or take to the seas with a chilled-out trip along the dramatic coastlines, the exclusive boats give you control.


Boat cruise

Best for soaking up some culture

See all the sights of Amsterdam from a properly different perspective. This boat cruise allows you to explore the Venice of the North’s picturesque city centre canals while enjoying unlimited drinks. There’s even the chance to plug in your phone and play some tunes as you go, making it the perfect way to see a little more of the city while still partying!



Best for being a real man

Unleash your inner man and take part in some shooting. From birds, to targets and even clay pigeon shooting, there’s loads of different shooting activities to try your hand at. One of the most popular ideas for stag parties, this is one activity that is definitely best suited to sober stags.


Tank Driving

Best for unforgettable memories

Yes, you read it right! Tank driving is a stag do activity that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Get behind the wheel of a real-life battle tank and drive around a challenging course. The worst part about it is when it comes to an end, and you remember that you’re not actually in a film. Awkward.


Go to the races

Best for a stag do of all ages

How about having a flutter? Get all the lads together, put your smart suit on and head to the races. Don’t get carried away, however - you don’t want to be left doing the dishes. A great stag do activity that will be enjoyed by all ages.


Go to a gig

Best for a stag who loves his music

If you’ve been left to organise the stag do, then you’ve got a big job. There’s no better way to impress your music loving mate than a trip to see his favorite band.



Best for getting all the lads together

As with any weekend away, it’s likely that you haven’t seen your mates in a while. Sailing is the ideal stag do activity because not only does it guarantee good fun, but it’ll also give you a chance to catch up and chat when the waves are quiet. Plus, the scenery really is something else.


Golf day

Best for a casual get-together

Why bother with pub golf when you could play real golf? From the traditional green, to foot golf and crazy golf, there’s a course for every stag. Get out into the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine (hopefully) and whack a ball around. Even better, golf courses usually come hand-in-hand with a swanky venue so afterwards refuel with some tasty grab.


4x4 Driving

Best for men who love cars

Unleash your man power behind the steering wheel as you take on 4x4 driving in the ultimate stag do adventure activity. Big engines, big banter and even bigger driving challenges will take you through your paces as you attempt to stay bonnet up. This macho stag weekend activity is sure to be a hit with the lads.


Jet skiing

Best for getting your heart racing

Create an unforgettable stag do and head out on a jet ski experience. As one of the biggest adrenaline-pumping water based activities that you can do, don’t forget to take in the beautiful views.


Land yachting

Best for an adventurous activity

If you’re looking for a group activity that probably hasn’t been done by many of the group, then check out land yachting. Get comfy in your vehicle as you power along the sand using a sail. You’ll need lots of wind to really get going - but keep the boyish jokes to yourself.


Exclusive catamaran cruise

Best for living the highlife

Ever looked at those weekend millionaires and just wondered how they do it? Well, we say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Relax onboard a private chartered boat while the captain and his crew do all the work. Indulge in a little local shopping - on the on-board bar, that is. Soak up the rays, take in the views and cool down in the sea.

We’ve shown you that just because there’s an older stag it doesn’t have to mean it’s low on fun. If you’re planning the ultimate stag weekend, then check out our full list of stag do activities or get in touch for more information.