VIP Nightclub Package

4.2 out of 5 from 58 Reviews
Nightclub entry
Reserved table
Bottle of vodka & mixers per 6 people
English speaking local guide


No more queues or waiting for you. Simply order your choice of tipple in advance, then turn up, head over to the designated area or reserved table, grab your drinks and enjoy them. This VIP treatment means you won't go thirsty and will spend less time queueing at the bar and more time enjoying your night.


Minimum People
8 (smaller groups prices will be based on the minimum)
Maximum People
40 (multiple sessions may be needed for larger groups)
ID Required
Photo ID
Useful Info
0.7 litre bottle with a choice of Smirnoff, Finlandia or Absolut
Start Times
Wed to Sat 22:30 - 0:30
4 hours
1 Jan - 31 Dec

Product Reviews

from 58 Reviews
Steve Sinyard
Thu 31 Aug 2023
Vodka buckets where great!
Dan Booth
Tue 23 May 2023
got put in the smoking area to start with, but managed to find somewhere else
Connor Gray
Wed 03 May 2023
Very good service from Caroline
Stephen Reeve
Wed 29 Mar 2023
This was the highlight of our trip with the nightclub being a good place to enjoy some tunes. The vip part was nice as we had reserved tables and vodka.
Michael Glaze
Wed 15 Mar 2023
Great laugh, bar was huge! Lots of dancing and drinking!
Martin Clarke
Wed 15 Mar 2023
Brad Hoy
Tue 14 Mar 2023
Guide didn't seem to know when it opened so was waiting outside for ages but it was good once we got in
Alex Hayden
Tue 14 Mar 2023
Everything ran smoothing and were quickly settled with drinks on the table
Roger Hart
Wed 21 Sep 2022
all good
Ian Clark
Wed 06 Jul 2022
Was ok, the club we found independently the night before was better value and quality. 2 bottles of vodka and only 6 cans of red bull, they then force you into more soft drinks which are nice overpriced
Thu 16 Jun 2022
Great hosting and easy access throughout.
Chris Lintorn
Tue 14 Jun 2022
Oldest man in there but great fun
Simon Bodily
Fri 27 May 2022
Amount of alcohol a bit disappointing and club was very quiet for the first hour we were there
Ryan Marshall
Tue 03 May 2022
Really good club, plenty of free alcohol on arrival and a booth!
Tom Baker
Tue 03 May 2022
Got there too early. Wouldn’t get busy for atleast hour and a half so decided to leave.
James Ashley
Sat 30 Apr 2022
Was a lot of fun, great to jump the queue and ice cold bottle of vodka ready and waiting.
Daniel Chidgey
Wed 13 Apr 2022
Club was good. VIP area OK.
David Morris
Wed 11 Mar 2020
Nice touch with the bottles of alcohol & mixers on arrival. Very close our hotel, so easy 5 min walk back there at 04:30 am.
Billy Coleman
Wed 11 Mar 2020
Good night overall. Very small crammed night club but was decent.
Brian Fraser
Tue 10 Mar 2020
It was good, our tour rep was fab whole weekend, she went above and beyond to help us
Allex Grimshaw
Tue 10 Mar 2020
The nightclub door man originally said we were over dressed and were not OK to enter, if it wasn't for our guide having a word we would not have entered. When we did finally get it it was very dark and smoky and when you have to go to the toilet be prepared to stand in a large puddle of wee!!
Michael Hall
Wed 26 Feb 2020
No good
Ethan Harris
Tue 11 Feb 2020
Just like any other nightclub in all honesty. Appeared fairly modern, and seemed to be relatively busy. Package included a booth, three bottles of vodka, mixer and some shots of what we thought was a smoothie.
Lewis Kirkman
Tue 05 Nov 2019
Same guide as the pub crawl so was a good night out
Nicholas Jones
Mon 07 Oct 2019
This event was good fun and people do really love it. Free bottles of vodka is always a nice touch but its not VIP. There is a VIP room and you are not in it. you are just in the club.
Alex Sabini
Mon 07 Oct 2019
Great fun. Too much to drink!
Josh Large
Mon 07 Oct 2019
We only got into one club but we got loads of free vodka and it was a lot of fun to stay in one place wish the guides stayed longer for a second club mid night but the whole group made it fun and loved the venu
Andrew Casewell
Wed 18 Sep 2019
Decent clubs
Steven Thorpe
Thu 19 Jul 2018
Barry Andrews
Wed 11 Jul 2018
Best club that we went to over the weekend!
Alex Wood
Fri 01 Jun 2018
Good service, but it’s too similar to Geordie Shore
Josh Smith
Thu 31 May 2018
Again the experience was made by the host. Fantastic
Jamie Cobb
Thu 31 May 2018
Amazing service - couldn't say a bad word about the night.
Tom Smith
Thu 31 May 2018
Cant remember it....its a bit hazy!
Jon Wheater
Thu 31 May 2018
This underground bar was one of the best placed wenT
Ryan Balfour
Fri 13 Apr 2018
Decent club but got better when we bought our own 6l bottle
Tom Mitchard
Wed 03 May 2023
Tom Helliwell
Wed 03 May 2023
Georgie Smith
Tue 02 May 2023
Adam Mayhew
Wed 29 Mar 2023
Aaron Slater
Wed 15 Mar 2023
Marc Hollis
Tue 14 Mar 2023
Luke Stone
Tue 13 Sep 2022
Andrew Ford
Wed 08 Jun 2022
Thomas Alcock
Fri 27 May 2022
Ben Wheeler
Tue 17 May 2022
Shane Busby
Wed 06 Apr 2022
William Kenneth Hardman
Sun 30 Jan 2022
Ben Holcroft
Tue 10 Mar 2020
Derrick Cutmore
Thu 20 Feb 2020
Colin Povey
Tue 11 Feb 2020
Connor Martin
Sun 13 Oct 2019
Francis Ajakaiye
Wed 25 Sep 2019
Chris Graddon
Wed 05 Sep 2018
Iain Killoughery
Wed 04 Jul 2018
Daniel Hansford
Thu 31 May 2018
Luke Bradley
Thu 17 May 2018
Calum Yates
Thu 21 Nov 2019

The Venue

CoCo Music Club

Combining exposed brickwork & glitzy modern fittings, this Music Club can be found across from Słowacki Theatre. It has 3 bars & house music DJ sessions.
Difficult access for disabilities
Pay and display on-street parking
Hip Hop
City centre
Opening Times
22:00 - 6:00 · Wed - Sat · Jan - Dec

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