As one of Scotland's largest and most vibrant cities, Aberdeen is fast becoming as popular as Glasgow and Edinburgh as a top city break destination. Plus, it has the advantage of being right next to the incredible Scottish highlands, which makes it the an excellent location for outdoor activities. It’s got an impressive nightlife scene too, thanks to the large student population in the city, with lots of stylish bars, traditional pubs and late night clubs spread throughout the city.

Although Scotland's third largest city is one of the most northerly destinations in the UK, it's not as hard to get to as you may think. Regular train services run to Aberdeen from the rest of the UK, and there are plenty of budget coach fares that also run daily. Or, if you're coming from further afield, then you can get a domestic flight to Aberdeen Airport for a small fee. So, you have no excuse not to visit!

Explore the city


Explore Union street

Union Street runs right through the centre of the city and its packed full of stylish bars, renowned museums and trendy shops. The bustling area is also packed with great places to eat - whether you want to grab a quick sandwich or a high-end sit-down dinner, you’ll find it all on Union street.


Extreme games

Pack your weekend to the brim by choosing multiple extreme games for you and your mates to enjoy. All located at one site so you can make the most of your trip and enjoy a variety of action. Mix and match hilarious activities like zorb football, goggle football, foot darts, combat archery and an old-school sports day. This action-packed activity is sure to be the highlight of your weekend.


Google football

This hilarious activity is sure to be memorable! When you strap on a pair of these vision-altering goggles, you’ll lose all sense of direction, depth perception and the ability to perform seemingly simple tasks like running in a straight line. This hilarious twist on the magnificent game is a must-try activity. After all, any opportunity to watch your mates miss the ball and fall flat on their arses definitely shouldn’t be missed!


Life drawing

Why not try your hand at life drawing and sketch a gorgeous naked model? It’s one of the best ways to embarrass your mates and have some good light-hearted fun with your group. After a few drinks, you can even get one of your mates to model - if anyone’s feeling brave enough!

Nightlife hotspots

Aberdeen is the perfect city for a pub crawl. There are so many watering holes in the city that the only tricky part is deciding where to start. If you're after some lively bars, then head to Langstane Place and the nearby Belmont Street for a fun night out. Or, if you're after something a bit more authentic, there are plenty of traditional Scottish pubs in the city centre to enjoy.



This luxury nightclub has an incredible state of the art sound system, amazing LED lighting and some incredible visual effects on show. The Institute is the place to be seen in Aberdeen and it’s become a favourite with locals and tourists alike. Combine this with Aberdeen's largest dancefloor, and you have yourself one amazing night out.


Revolution Aberdeen

This double-level bar in the heart of Aberdeen is one of the city’s most popular after-dark hotspots. The large basement floor features a well stocked bar and an elevated outdoor decking area, with great views of the Union Terrace Garden to enjoy.


Private eyes

If you fancy more of an adult experience, Private eyes is your best bet. It’s one of, if not the best-known gentleman’s club in Scotland and it’s the perfect place to enjoy an intimate night of fun.

Eat like a local

The food in Scotland is fresh, comforting and downright delicious. Expect hearty pub meals in the traditional Scottish pubs, fresh fish in the seaside cafes and local produce served in one of the many excellent restaurants spread across the city.



Yes, it is made of a sheep's insides (the liver, heart and lungs to be exact) but that doesn’t mean that haggis isn’t utterly delicious. Give it a try and make your own mind up, but it’s an experience you have to try while in Aberdeen - even if it isn’t to your taste.


Scottish salmon

Famous all over the world, Scottish salmon is the best salmon you can buy. The fish bred here are renowned for their great taste and texture so, you have to try it while you're in Aberdeen - it's as fresh as it can be!

Where to stay

In Aberdeen, a lot of oil-industry workers stay the night in the city before they leave the next morning for the North Sea, so luckily for tourists, accommodation prices actually tend to be lower on weekends. For the same reason, single rooms are more expensive, so you and your mates are better off bunking up in a twin or triple room to get a better price.