Here are some tips for cutting wedding costs


Take Control Of Your Guest List

The largest expenses for a wedding can be food and beverage costs coming in at 50%-65% of your overall budget. If you have not spoken to or seen any friends or couples in over a year or you would not have them over to dinner then really consider if they should be at your wedding. One of the hardest parts about putting that guest list together is “who to cut”. But, don’t look at it as who to cut, just look at it as Who should be there on the day my fiancé and I celebrate our love.


Use Venue-Provided Items

Have a chat with your catering manager at the venue you are having your wedding reception. What do they already provide in house that you can have for your wedding? Often hotels and venues have special linens or a choice of color for no additional cost. They even sometimes offer different selections of plates and flatware for your table setting which can dress it up. And don’t forget to look at chairs when you are checking out venues. Do you like the chairs they provide?


Think Like a Foodie

A great area to cut a little cost is in the food you serve. Have you considered celebrating with your new wife by having a luncheon? Or what about a brunch? Most places will offer a discounted price for brunch or for a luncheon menu. If you really have envisioned having a seated dinner, consider serving a nice poultry or fish entrée, which can still be very yummy. Speak to the caterer or the catering managers of the hotel on how to keep the menu costs down.


Lower The Bar

We all know the bar is a very important part of the “wedding puzzle”. But let’s be honest, top shelf liquor can drive up your costs. What about offering beer and wine at your reception? Perhaps you even have a signature fun cocktail that is passed during your cocktail hour but won’t have the price tag of a full bar with liquor. Also, selecting a location where you can bring in your own liquor can often help you save costs. There are some great wines under $8 a bottle that could be purchased.

Cake, Invites, Favors

Cake, invites, favours are three little areas you and your fiancee can look at in keeping costs down.

**1. A big wedding cake** can cost upwards of $1500 so if you want to have a smaller cake and then have sheet cakes in the back, you can save a little bit of costs. Your guests won’t know that every piece did not come from the pretty cake they saw on the dance floor.

2. Invites are a wonderful way to share the details of your wedding with your guests and invite them to the special event. But, consider more affordable printing methods to keep costs down.

read more Do you have to have letterpress wedding invitations? (do you even know what that is)? There are many digital printing methods, which still look gorgeous and can save on costs.

3. Favors are something that typically will be set on the table for each guest to take home. Can you cut this expense out altogether? Do you remember what the last wedding favour was that you go? I am going to guess no. Just having your friends and family there with you is favour enough. Skip the wedding favour and save anywhere from $3 to $10 per person. Or possibly take that money and donate it to a charity. Or what about in lieu of a wedding favour you let your guests know that you have decided to volunteer as a new husband and wife after your honeymoon a day of working at a local soup kitchen or habitat for humanity. And maybe your guests would want to get involved with you.