Athens has become a tantalising fusion of ancient and modern, complemented by glorious weather and a hugely underrated nightlife scene. Often falling under the radar, it’s a great destination for your weekend away.

The Highlights


Nightlife along the beach

The clubbing scene in the city is buzzing with many venues along the beachfront. There is a lively atmosphere in the city, with big name DJs getting the crowd started plus everything is in walking distance based in the city centre and around Syntagma Square.


Party in Psiri

Psiri is the nightlife district of the city, full of unique experiences and an atmosphere for eating, drinking and dancing. With an urban vibe comparable to Soho, there is no area as authentically Greek as Psiri.


Explore Thissio

Today Thissio is one of the liveliest neighbourhoods in Athens. Famous for its plethora of trendy bars and cafes, plus more nightlife in a few blocks than you can find in most cities. It is also a good place to walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and the impressive views to the Acropolis.


Local Greek cuisine

The Greeks love to eat and the local cuisine is definitely worth a taste from the popular Keftedes which are deep-fried meatballs or Choriatiki, the ultimate Greek Salad. Also, despite being the capital, the city is far more affordable than much of western Europe and its island siblings. On average a beer will cost 3-4 euros and you can get a whole litre of wine for 6 euros.


Get your culture fix

Sitting in the centre of the city is the most symbolic and historically important monuments including the Parthenon temple. Acropolis and Temple of Hephaestus. All within walking distance, it’s a great walk for those wanting a bit of culture in between activities and partying.


For the best view of the city

At 277m, Lycabettus Hill is Athens highest peak. Drive, walk or take a cable car to enjoy 360 degree view over the whole city.



One of the mainstays of the Athens clubbing scene since 2009, DYBBUK combines stunning New York-inspired interiors and glamorous stage spectacles with cutting edge house DJs. Based in the cosmopolitan area of Kolonaki, it attracts the city’s beautiful people and a vibrant crowd of trendsetters. It’s one for the true party animals too, as things really get going in the early hours, carrying on right up until 8am at weekends.


Nestled in the attractive Monastiraki neighbourhood of Athens, Ciel is the place to go for a delicious combination of top notch cocktails and a stylish blend of funk, jazz, disco and house music. Like most of the city’s top nightspots, this keeps going into the wee small hours, with stylish vibes and an eclectic soundtrack from resident and guest DJs.

Lohan Nightclub

Billed as an ‘Athenian mega-club’, this huge converted factory is named after Hollywood star and reportedly part-owned by Lindsay Lohan, having been opened by her rumoured boyfriend Dennis Papageorgiou. As you’d expect from a club frequented by Hollywood A-listers, the inside is suitably decked out with glamorous VIP areas, as well as top of the range lighting and sound, a huge dancefloor and stages for decadent acrobatics and dancers, live acts and international DJs. This is one place that really knows how to party.


Athens Sports Bar

Whether you are cheering on your favourite football team or watching an international sporting event, Athens Sports Bar has a great atmosphere and good food for you to enjoy with your friends.


An authentic and laid-back hangout by day perfect for those hangovers, later transforming into a vibrant and energetic bar open to the early hours.

Brettos Bar

Centrally located, Bretto’s has tons of character and a history that spans over a century. Colorful bottles of liquor line the walls and a funky decor will make sure you and your friends have a night you won’t forget.


For all you cultural buffs, Athens is sure to delight - it’s the very basis of where modern civilisation and democracy came from. Sitting in the centre of Athens are it’s most symbolic and historically important monuments. They’re all within easy walking distance from one another so it makes for a great half day for those wanting to get a little culture fix in between activities and nights out.

Parthenon - This former temple was constructed in dedication to the goddess Athena. It’s become a symbol of both ancient Greece and western civilisation. It is regarded as the birthplace of modern Democracy. Not too shabby.

Acropolis - The ancient citadel that rises proudly above the city on a rocky outcrop is hard to miss! It is very much a symbol of Greek legacy as well as an incredible architectural structure of classical Greece and its power

Temple of Hephaestus - Who is this Hephaestus you say? Well he was the patron god of metal working, craftsmanship and fire. Therefore it seems apt that we should all admire the craftsmanship of such a temple. It remains relatively intact for something that was constructed some 2400 years ago.

Few crumbs of knowledge

  • Greece uses the Euro
  • In Athens most places will have signs/menus in both latin and greek scripts, but it’s something to be aware of should you find yourself a little lost!
  • Average cost of a pint in Athens is about 3 euros
  • Hello and thankyou is “Efharisto”. Also, just to throw a bit of confusion in there, yes and no are pronounced as opposites. Yes is né - which sounds like 'no' or 'nah' to English speakers. No is ókhi - which sounds like 'okay' to English speakers. Good luck with that
  • Best times to go - depending on your preference, late summer is a good time as locals are returning back from the islands and the social scene starts hotting up