Let yourself be carried away this September 20th-23rd by one of the premier gatherings of hot air balloons and balloon enthusiasts in the world. Punning aside, the Adirondack Balloon Festival really is an awe-inspiring event both in terms of scale and in the amount of fun to be had. This free four day festival is the oldest and largest balloon event on the east coast of America, attracting pilots and spectators from all over America and sometimes further afield. This is understandable, as the sight of a host of balloons rising into the dawn sky against the backdrop of the mighty Adirondack Mountains is enough to make even the most dedicated groundling melt inside.

This really is the mecca for the world’s balloonists, and the organisers are sure to provide enough entertainment over the four-day period to keep everyone in the family happy. Not only are there grand ‘ascensions’ with up to 100 balloons flying at the same time, there are also night-time events called ‘moonglows’ where festival-goers can watch all their favourite balloons lit up like vast Chinese lanterns against the night sky. Awesome.

Oddly shaped inflatable delights include a birthday cake of biblical proportions, which was the first balloon in the sky at the opening ceremony in a celebration of the festival’s 40-year anniversary. The citizens of Glenn Falls are all geared up to welcome this autumnal tradition once again, hosting a block party and a classic car show for festival-goers who would rather keep their feet on the ground. However, those who are itching to take a ride into the blue yonder, booking a trip one of the many Adirondack Festival balloons is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just make sure to avoid the purple people eater.