This is the Top 11 Greatest Beer Inventions:

You would think it would be hard to add to the simple brilliance of beer. You would be wrong. It seems that lurking in the shadows is a whole army of crackpot inventors set upon making an honest pint just that bit more complicated.

1. The Beer Hour

Obviously, only a complete fool can’t pour a beer into a glass with moderate success. Well, it seems there must be a lot of complete fools as our friends in Japan, who take the quality of a beer’s head very seriously, have come up with; Beer Hour’s;. Simply fit the can and pour any way you like, you get a great head every time.

2. The Shoot a Brew Beer Cooler

This is the coolest cool box that has ever been invented, well barring the next entry in the list. Before the advent of the; Shoot a Brew; man would have to bend down, sometimes collapsing to the floor under the strain, and reach inside to grab a beer. Not anymore, ageing joints and dodgy backs fear not as the can now come to you.

3. Motorized Beer Cooler

We all know the Aussies don’t like to be too far from a stubby and now one man Down Under has taken that to extremes. Fearing he might not be able to control his thirst on the way to the next barbeque Christopher Petrie built a motorized beer cooler. Celebrating the construction with a few coldies; he then trundled off only to be busted for drink driving. Police said it wasn’t the first time they saw a machine like this. Of course, it wasn’t.

4. The Beer Helmet

Commonly known in drinking circles as thirst aid; this little beauty caused a stir when it first hit the scene. Allegedly designed for people watching American based sports, it enabled the drinker to not only consume two Millers in one go but also leave their hands free for doughnuts and hot dogs. Brilliantly simple but just don’t try finding a life partner’s wearing one.

5. The Beer Belly

Anyone who has tried to smuggle booze into sporting grounds around the world and therefore avoids the extortion racket they call the “organised bar” will be all too familiar with the hazards. The best method thus far has been to remove the inner bag from a box of wine and wear it as a paunch; this is fine as long as you don’t mind drinking warm wine all day. The Beer Belly allows you to decant lovely lager into it and then strap it on as a fully convincing gut. Just drink through a tube and keep the contents cool with ice packs.

6. Bottoms Up

We’ve all been there; festival/gig/agricultural show, queuing at the beer tent whilst some Gap Year with a bolt through his neck struggles to keep a baying crowd happy desperately trying to fill 40 glasses on his own. Well, this invention could just save his life. Using magnets it somehow fills from the bottom drastically reducing waiting time and the possibility of cocking up the head, in fact, these punters managed to pour 56 in one minute.

7. The Beer Robot

This is sort of redundant for anyone with a wife or children over 4 years old, but it’s a pretty succinct way of seeing how far technology has come. At first, you’re probably going to be wary of this quite creepy looking robot but I should think by the end of the night you’ll be slumped together crying into his circuitry about that teenage girlfriend you’ve never quite got over.

8. The Asahi Beer Robot

Japanese are at it again and the result is having something else pour your beer for you. Looking like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and RD2, it stores up to six chilled can and also chills the glass but just don’t be in a hurry for your beer; it makes childbirth look like a walk in the park.

9. Frozen foam

Ok, I totally give up. The Japanese have stormed this list, bossed owned and now get to keep the match ball because here we have yet another beer invention developed for the insatiable appetite for the golden nectar. The frozen head is stored at -5 degrees Celsius, added to the pint like ice cream and keeps your beer colder for an extra 30 minutes. Brilliant.

10. The Beer Bong

Ok, I had to put this in, but anyone who has been on the wrong end of the worst example of DIY meets social drinking will be nodding sagely at its selection. Almost certainly making its way from frat houses it crossed the Atlantic to critical acclaim; now even the complete beginner could manage to ingest a whole can sub 3 seconds. Nobody, however, is putting his or her name to it.

11. The Vented Beer Bottle

No longer will we have to worry about the intricacies of filling a glass and watching as beer cascades over food, work surfaces and your nice new suede shoes. No, open her up and chuck it in like you just don’t care and be prepared for the admiration and desire with which women will now view you.