Stag do pranks are a big thing around the Chillisauce office. Not a day goes by without someone turning up in a mankini or stripping someone and tying them to a lamp-post. As you can imagine, there’s never a dull day here.

Anyway, as the stag do experts, we’ve put together the best stag do pranks and given you a run down of the pros and cons (don’t forget to see our Blue Peteresque legal warning at the end too).


1. The ‘Mankini’

No stag weekend is complete without some flashing. This time though it's the groom in his skimpy mankini. Big things do come in small packages after all. Thanks Borat!

Pro - Your groom stands out like an awkward pole.
Con - Put on on your big boy pants boy! There are little children around.


2. Monkey Business

This is fancy dress on steroids. Once your main man dons his gorilla outfit (with gentle persuasion from his fellow stags of course) gaffer his mouth and the seams, leaving him helpless and with no choice but to emulate ape like behaviour. Talk about a weekend of wild adventures!

Pro – We’ve uncovered a hidden talent. What a natural prodigy he is.
Con – Good luck getting your groom into his fancy suit. That costume itch isn't fun.


3. Break a Leg

Physical harm is not recommended but when the groom does crash from one too many beverages, the stags plaster his leg, who doesn't like playing with papermash, right? Break the news in the morning and tell the groom what an epic night he had (not really).

Pro – His “oh, what have I done” face
Con – When he realizes its fake and your “oh, what have I done” face.


4. Stag-nap Him

A groom about to be snatched off the streets? Sounds like a stag do I’d like to be at. Once you have the blindfolds on, throw him at the back of truck, car boot, anywhere really and the prank is good to go! But jokes on you if the stags end up in Bangkok with a missing member of the crew, just saying.

Pro – “Yes! Payback!”
Con – The night escalates very quickly and you get cuffed?


5. Knowing Me, Knowing UV

Ever stuck a ‘Post It’ on someone’s back? This prank is even better. The stags write anything (only the most filthy and incriminating of course) and your groom won't even know what’s hit him till its too late.

Pro – “Why is everyone laughing at me”. A dumbfounded groom is something to laugh at.
Con – We’re known for our bad handwriting.


6. Facial Hair Shenanigans

A display of testosterone in true Edwardian style, the stags attempt to grow their best handlebar moustaches this weekend only. Might be a problem if yours grows in patches though. Still, points for participation.

Pro – Finally getting rid of that baby face.
Con – Extra expense (beard oils are so expensive these days).


7. Customs Embarrassment

Nothing to declare? Not so quick buddy. Assuming you don't bring gigantic replica’s of the male genitalia or women’s underwear to a stag do, these might be the perfect props to plant in your main man’s bags. We’d recommend staying on the right side of the law for this one though (no drugs or guns), we don't want you spending the stag weekend behind the wrong bar!

Pro – The queues through border control aren't that boring after all.
Con – No drinks behind bars.


8. Highbrow Eyebrow

Symmetry is so old fashioned. Wax it, shave it, colour it maybe its time the stags gave their groom a makeover.

Pro – We all love a trend setter, don't we?
Con – Those wedding photos are going to be awful.


9. Male Stripper

What’s a stag weekend without a hint of temptation. Put your groom through an awkward night by opting for a teasing chap instead of the usual curves and breasts and stuff. Big treats for his last night of freedom, we reckon.

Pro – Plus one on the wedding guest list.
Con – The groom actually enjoys it.


10. Paintball Dress Up

Getting the groom prepped up for ‘shooting exercises’ is essential. Oh wait, we know he needs his practice but how about dressing him up as a rabbit or duck as the stags get their fair share of target practice in.

Pro – Pain is pleasure to some. We hope the groom feels the same way.
Con – Be sure to aim right. We want all his parts in more than ideal conditions before the big day.


10. Viva Las Blackpool

If you’re organising the Stag’s celebration in secret, the occasional hint to suggest he’s going to spend the weekend somewhere exotic – such as Vegas – will make it all the funnier when you pack onto a National Express coach to Blackpool. For an especially funny double bluff, fly somewhere cool and cheap from Blackpool Airport.

Pro - You can still have loads of fun in Blackpool.
Con - It’ll rain. Unlike Vegas.


11. Fake Tan

Like Donald Trump but only half a face and without that hideous hairdo. This stag night is off to a hilarious start!

Pro – You look like you’ve been somewhere sunnier than Scunthorpe.
Con – Your stag may be perceived as comparatively ‘exotic’.


12. Play on his fears

What’s more frightening than the main man’s wedding day? His stags pulling a prank on his worst fears. Mannequins, crawlies, a crazy man with an axe, this stag party clearly isn't about boundaries (okay maybe not).

Pro - We call this positive therapy
Con - He needs therapy


13. The Lampost Tie

Ropes and poles (clear your dirty minds, chaps) complete every stag weekend. Another prank off the books, the groom is tied to a pole. To avoid attracting attention, he is partially clothed (we hear a sparkly thong is in this season). This relationship clearly comes with strings attached.

Pro – Easy to utilise as an end of night meeting point. Nobody will forget.
Con – Purchasing a sparkly thong. Making the groom put it on.


14. Abandoned Stag Do

Set the time and date to meet (perhaps at the airport…) but tell the Stag to meet 2 hours earlier whilst creating the illusion you’ve all managed to forget, leaving your plucky stag to drink alone in an overpriced departure bar lounge. To make up for it, have an even better stag weekend organised.

Pro - shows your ingenuity and organisation skills.
Con - means you have to use your ingenuity and organisation skills.


15. Roadside Human Cake (Unbaked)

While his ‘wife to be’ gets a bridal shower, the stags organise a different sort of do. Remember the ropes and poles we talked about? How about making it a tad more wet and dirty? With some flour, eggs and cream of course! What were you thinking?!

Pro – That extra lubrication factor is actually quite gross.
Con – Food waste. ‘Think of all those poor children’ your momma said.


16. The Fake Bungee

His big day is coming up, but about how about actually making him take the leap, a silly 5 meters to be precise. The stags cheers him on, the blindfolded grooms gets his fake harnesses fastened (don’t forget this for God’s sake) and there he goes, 3 seconds and face down into a pool. Talk about taking a leap of faith. Well done mate!

Pro - He gets really wet.
Con - He actually wanted to go bungee jumping and you ruined it!


17. Fake Tattoo

Stag weekends are some of the best memories a man will make. How about making this a little bit more permanent so your groom remembers it forever (we’re joking.) You’ll need a fake tattoo kit and whole lot of grace and creativity to make this one happen. Once your main man hits the sack, graffiti his most prominent features (we really mean his face) and don't forget to record it to!

Pro - It's fake so he wont end up plotting a revenge prank (who knows).
Con - He’s too drunk to notice.


18. The Foodgasm

Welcome to another episode of groom vs food where your main man competes in a food challenge. Unlimited ribs, spicy wings or a tonne of chips? Sounds like we wouldn't mind being challenged either but don’t forget your crafty forfeits, the fun only starts when the groom loses the challenge. After all, whats a stag weekend without some camaraderie right?

Pro - All you can eat. Save money for drinks.
Con - You’re stuffed you can't drink.


19. It's getting a bit chilli.

This is a spicy classic straight of out the tube (we’re talking about the chilli paste btw). Once, he’s too drunk to care, get the it on his nose, his mouth, everywhere really (yes, we know exactly what you stags had in mind) and watch him get a little chilli. But just have some ice on stand by, you know - just in case things get a little heated.

Pro - Eco friendly. Plant base. Vegan. Only sustainable products used.
Con - You get some on yourself.


20. Fake visa

Mayday mayday, looks like our main man’s forgotten the stag weekend’s most important document.; his fake visa. Create multiple copies for the whole stag crew then watch your grooms expectation come crashing down as he realises he’s not making the flight. On that note, the departure lounge does serve up some pretty drinks. Break the news to him eventually.

Pro - He panics.
Con - He has a panic attack.


21. The Hall of Shame

Test his A game but instead of the usual puns, put together a list of cringe worthy chat up lines that even your grandmother facepalms to. Your groom then has to do several practice rounds with random groups of girls at the stag do. The best part, for every line he refuses to do, an embarrassing picture gets put on social media. Lets see whether he’ll still be smooth in this pretty rough situation.

Pro - He picks up a girl or two or three and maybe an entire hen party?
Con - That beautiful collage on Facebook

Be safe out there, chaps.

Remember the saying that it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye? Yeah, well, that. If you’re planning on pulling a stag night prank remember that you are the ones that it falls to. So make sure the groom doesn’t die or get injured. Not only will you be legally responsible, you’ll also be morally responsible. The ruling at Chillisauce is no lasting scars – mental or visible – and make sure you think through any potential impacts. Check out all our other stag do ideas for inspiration.