Hello, no I haven’t died..

Although to be fair it was touch and go a few times.

I came down with the dreaded Man-Flu – known in medical circles as sneezus terminalis. I can say in a terribly butch way that I am a double hard bar steward when it comes to the lurgy, and was the final member of my household (of two) and office to succumb to this virulent pathogen. Yes, yes, I know, I rock.

However, it did take a toll on my planning. We’re getting to the stage when we’re going to have to send out the first batch of stationery. This means that we have to have a firm understanding of what we want for our colours. We’ve rapidly realised that our initial colour choice was not going to work for a number of reasons – the main being trying to make it fit with different shades of itself and also any other colours. Now I know why brides really wear white – it bloody well goes with everything!

I have also unwittingly become ensnared in the wicked vice of women’s planning. Sharon has been sounding ideas out with her bridesmaids and it’s all turned into a bit of a stress. Rightly or wrongly Sharon has filled me in, which now means I am embroiled in it all. I don’t want to be – I want to know colours so that I can change our eventual wedding website, sure – but I don’t want to know about dress lines, what colours are lucky to wear, what is Cheryl Cole’s favourite underarm deodorant and other baffling factors that go into deciding these garments.

Combined with dying (these women should really have more respect for the terminally ill) it hasn’t been a great couple of weeks to be fair. Combined with work being as hectic as ever I am starting to feel a bit burnt out. So I’ve made a bit of a compromise – I’ve been out with S and looked at lots of dresses to get alternate ideas, as well as being her internet monkey finding other resources here and there. In return I’ve asked that we leave it there for now – we have a venue planning meeting on Dec 4th and to be honest I want to do that and then just rest and eat Turkey until the new year.

It’s worth remembering that a wedding takes a long time to plan, and sometimes you need to just enjoy being engaged. Also – never get involved in bridal fashion.

I do still have to think about Save The Dates, but I think I’ll leave that to another post once we’ve worked out which idea among the myriad of possibilities we’ll go for.