Nothing has captured our hearts and minds as much as Walt Disney’s charming and enchanting worlds. With countless classics, a cast of incredible characters and music that’ll transport you into a land of wonder and possibility, there’s nothing quite like a Disney film.

If Disneyland is a bit too far, or outside of your budget, you can unleash your inner child with our must-see sights featured in the films. So put on your favourite Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears and head to these spots to add a touch of magic to your hen do in London.


St James Park – 101 Dalmatians

In the live-action remake of 101 Dalmatians, St James Park is the magical spot where Pongo and Perdy (and their owners) first fall in love after chasing after each other. It’s a Royal Park with beautiful flowerbeds that are well worth a visit, and it ’s also known for its unique pelicans which were brought over in 1664 by a Russian ambassador.


Belgrave Square – Mary Poppins

Belgrave Square is an impressive 19th-century square with grand terrace houses and a private garden. Now, it’s home to the world’s embassies, but it’s believed to have been the location of the Banks family’s home on Cherry Tree Lane in Mary Poppins. The Admiral’s House on Admiral’s Lane, however, is north in Hampstead.


Big Ben – Peter Pan

Big Ben is London’s most iconic landmark and unmissable. Remember when Peter Pan, Wendy and her brothers fly around the famous clock tower and land on the clock’s hands? While you won’t be able to follow in their footsteps exactly, you can embrace your inner child and imagine that you have. Interestingly, the name Big Ben describes the bell, not the clock tower itself.


Cutty Sark – Pirates of the Caribbean

Experience the swashbuckling set of Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides at Greenwich. At the beginning of the film, Captain Jack Sparrow is dragged from the Old Royal Naval College’s Painted Hall. The area is recognised as a World Heritage Site with incredible architecture and scientific history. Greenwich has been home to plenty of films including Thor: Dark World and The King’s Speech.


23 Egerton Terrace – Parent Trap

Head to 13 Egerton Terrace in Kensington, and you’ll find Annie James’s home from Parent Trap. Just down the road, you’ll discover the most expensive street in England, Kensington Palace Gardens. South Kensington is also home to some of London’s best museums - mostly free, including The National History Museum from 1975 comedy, One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing.


Lyceum Theatre – The Lion King Musical

The Lyceum Theatre is the home of one of the West-End’s most successful musicals, Disney’s The Lion King since 1999. It’s a performance of dazzling colours, creativity and all the songs and characters you know and love from the animated film. The theatre itself is steeped in history with beautiful architecture and is where Dickens once made an appearance and Dracula was written.


Oxford Street - Disney Store

Ok, so this one hasn't been featured in a film but is a must! Enter the magical world of Disney at the flagship store on Oxford Street. Spread across two floors, it’s the biggest in Europe with all kinds of toys, costumes and merchandise. It’s not just for kids either, you’ll find plenty of stationary and mugs (you know, grown-up stuff) with your favourite characters on. There are also frequent workshops, movie screenings, events and, of course, plenty of photo opportunities.

Whether you experience each of these magical locations, or simply choose a couple of your favourites to visit, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn it into a fun bar crawl for an even more unforgettable hen do in London.