We pride ourselves on celebrating the weird and wonderful events the world has to offer, but this is one of our own adventures that we just had to share.

It’s fair to say it’s captured the imagination of footballing fans up and down the country, making headlines in the tabloids and making waves on social media as fellow footy lovers jump at the chance to put their footballing wits against the very best, without having to get up early every day to go training for years first.

Introducing Play With A Legend…

Described as “the best thing we’ve ever heard of” (The Sport Bible), Chillisauce has now taken the kickabout with your mates to another level, offering groups the chance to Play With a Legend.

Time to Live the Dream…

Picture yourself flying down the wing before standing the ball up at the back post for Dion Dublin to rise magnificently and plant a textbook towering header into the bottom corner. Or how about exchanging one-twos with the mercurial Matt Le Tissier before the great man flicks the ball over a defender’s head for you to plant a plum volley into the roof of the net?

Perhaps you relish running on to defence-splitting pass from the ‘Magic Man’ Paul Merson. Maybe you want to show how tough you can tackle and test yourself as ex-England wideman Darren Anderton comes marauding at you with the ball at his feet. And to top it all, once the action on the pitch is done, you can trade war stories and get the inside track on life at the top as you share a few bevvies with the pros after the match.

“Playing against somebody you’ve gown up watching on TV is an unforgettable experience – especially if they compliment you on your skills. Having a chat over a pint afterwards and getting a signed shirt from Darren Anderton was an added bonus…” – Jamie Gordon, The Sun

Play, Drink, Chat

Gather your mates, bring your game face, get your kit on…then you get to take to share a pitch of your with your favourite player from a list 50 or so top name former professionals and international stars. We’ll include a referee and two sets of shirts to give your game that professional edge. And when the action is over, the fun definitely isn’t, as you get to assess your performance and grill your hero over a few beers in the bar.


Now’s your chance to prove it.

If you’ve ever thought ‘I could do a job’ alongside the pros. But have the retired stars still got it? Yes, we can very much assure you, they have. Of course, there’s only one way to find out just how big that gulf of class is between you and them…


And if your real talents lie in drinking

(some of these fellas are pretty legendary for their ability to sink a few jars as well…), then you can show those off in the bar afterwards. But whatever your tipple of choice, you’ll love the chance to quiz your hero and learn what life is really like for a pro footballer. If you’re lucky you might even get to hear some stories that would turn tabloid hacks green with envy.

It just Became a Whole Different Ball Game…

Talk about living the dream. If you’re footy mad then we really can’t think of anything better. Short of Doc Brown turning up in his DeLorean to whisk you back to your childhood for you to concentrate on dedicating your life to professional sport, this is pretty much the only chance you’ll get to play with the legends of the sport. The kickabout with your mates just became a whole different ball game.