Chillisauce work hard to ensure that our events are always up to date reflecting industry needs and addressing those issues now recognised and faced in the modern work place.

We are the experts when it comes to Corporate Events; if your team need a break from their hectic office schedule, could maybe benefit from some bonding or you'd like to reward them for all their hard work, then maybe it's time to try one of our amazing corporate event ideas. From the outset our Corporate Events team will be on hand to not only plan your event but to execute and deliver at all stages so as to ensure your event has an immediate and lasting impact.

From a strategy based VR experience, tp high energy outdoor inflatable chaos, there are loads of choices to please everyone in the office. To make your decision easier, we’ve selected our favourite events for you and your team for 2019, all of which are brand new to the Chillisauce roster!

So take a look at the Corporate Event ideas below for some inspiration to help you book your own team building day out.


Pub Olympics - Indoor and Outdoor

Team building, Integrating new staff, Incentive, Fun

Make your event into a party with this fun and relaxed activity. It's a great way to reward your group and let them bond over a few drinks. The flexibility of the event means that it can either be structured, where teams rotate around all of the activities competing head-to-head, or informal - allowing participants to choose which activities they want to take part in.


Charity Store Takeover

Team building, Corporate responsibility, Co-operating as a team, Fostering team collaboration, Negotiating skills, Perspective enhancing

Partnering with B1G1, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world full of giving. This immersive experience which can take place indoors or outdoors will help participants connect with each other whilst creating real social impact around the world.


Brand It Pitch It

Team building, Creativity, Pitching, Sales skills, Collaboration, Creative thinking, Presentation skills, Thinking outside of the box

Your team is joined by our very own brand and design expert, Derek Yates. After selecting your chosen product aligned to your company, the group are given in-depth tuition learning how to bring brands to life before creating & pitching a new one to a team of professionals!

Start the day with a welcome presentation from a brand and logo design expert. You will receive full tuition before splitting into teams to create your very own brand and product. The groups will then pitch their new brand ideas to a team of professionals and the day will end with a Q&A and prizes for the winning team.


Logo & Brand Design

Internal relations, team building, change management, corporate identity, Creativity, creative thinking, presentation skills

Once the group is divided into smaller teams our Professional Brand Design expert Derek Yates will give the whole group a brief on the session ahead.

Everyone will start off by getting to grips with the key features of the design process and how to break it down into the key elements. By taking a look at the history of logo design and how brands have evolved over the years and the simple forms they take but how they are so effective in how we use them in the media and in every day life.

Then the real fun starts, each group will start to put all their ideas together to come up with the perfect logo or brand to best represent their chosen subject. This is usually based on the company values or mission statement to further cement employee engagement. Each team will then produce a final Logo or Brand Design and the whole group will vote on the best over all which can then be mocked up into a digital version and placed on documents by our onsite technical team.


Time Out

Team building, Collaboration, Fun, Leadership, integrating new staff, Departmental changes, Communication, New projects

In this high energy, fun and engaging event fresh from Chillisauce for this Summer, we bring you our new and exclusive event for 2019, Time Out! This exciting and fully inclusive event incorporates three key zones and teams go head to head and against the clock to complete a series of mental, physical and skills-based challenges. The points earned in each zone buys you time in the Giant Hungry Hippo Finale! Has your team got what it takes to win before the time runs out?


VR Impossible

Leadership, Communication, Team building, Incentive, Fun, Collaboration, Change Management, How to deal with stress

"Immersed in the world of Virtual Reality, you and your team have to complete a series of challenges in this incredible adventure – your actions and skills are everything that stand between you and the unthinkable.

You will be greeted by our fantastic narrator who sets the scene for the mission you are about to embark on. You will be split into teams and handed your manuals and clues before entering the exciting world of virtual reality. Can you make it out alive?"



Problem solving, Incentive, Team Building, Collaboration, Creative Thinking

Do you have what it takes to track down a criminal mastermind? Led by former Scotland Yard detectives, this challenging yet fun team building activity will test your analytical and problem-solving abilities. You and your colleagues will be put to the test as you take part in a series of forensic challenges, learning real crime scene investigation techniques. You’ll study evidence, fingerprints and look for splattered blood in the bid to find the killer. Have you got what it takes?

Plus explore our Virtual Reality Crime Scene. Head straight into the office of the murdered CEO and see whether you can find any additional clues. This innovative process is used by senior detectives for recall and to prevent them from having to re-visit the crime scene.


High Perform Team

Self development, Training, Communication, Change Management, Building team image, Discovering team roles, Enhancing team capacity, Improving team decisions, Integrating new team members, Defining team roles

One of the hardest aspects of business is measuring how good your team are. Our simple but very effective High Performing Team session develops your team making it more effective, highlights areas of excellent performance, as well as areas for development. Our High Performing Team session examines how good you and your team really are, in an effective and interactive way. Run by experienced facilitators and perfectly pair with our range of team building events, this session will leave your team energised and raring to work more effectively together.


London Boat Race

Team building, fun, incentive, motivational, co-operating as a team, Collaboration

Learn how to become rowing experts in this three hours team building activity that stretches along the prestigious Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race course. There isn't a better way to truly understand the meaning of team work than by competing head-to-head against another crew!

Your team will be met by our experts for an introduction and safety briefing before splitting into teams to begin their day rowing. In small teams you'll start by learning the ropes on dry land before hitting the water to practice your strokes. The team then set off from the pontoon and along with coaching from the coxing seat your aim is to get the whole crew rowing together. Teams are organised side by side and can go head to head in a full rowing race as the grand finale.

About our team building service:

Team building - be greater than the sum of your parts!

Give your team a valuable boost with an entertaining and educational day of activities all designed to increase team cohesion, confidence and communication skills. A Chillisauce team building day will focus on getting the most out of your team and expanding their skills in a fun and friendly environment.

Each event will vary in scope and be tailored depending on your requirements, but below are examples of team building solutions we typically offer:

  • Concept and message
  • Invitation – design and collateral
  • Venue sourcing and management
  • On-site management and logistics
  • Theming – venue, catering, infrastructure and staff
  • Facilitation services
  • Site design and layout
  • Theming
  • Health and safety assessment and monitoring
  • Support Staff
  • Daytime & Evening activities and entertainment

We'd love to hear from you

To discuss further how effective team building solutions can help your business, to maybe share your own experiences, or simply give us some feedback, please speak to one of our specialist corporate event planners. The team have organised hundreds of employee engagement programmes, team building and training days, meetings, conferences and parties to help achieve some very specific objectives.

They can be reached direct on 020 7299 1832, or by email at events(at)