We’ve got 20/20 vision on what’s going to trend (and end) this next decade.

HOT: Sustainable weddings

Steel straws, ethical tailors and vegan buffets - sustainable weddings are not just in vogue, but vital to our planet’s future. According to one study, a single wedding can produce as much CO2 as five people in one year and almost 200kg of rubbish. Time to go green.

NOT: Wedding Flashmobs

2009 called - it says you will not go viral.

HOT: Mixed-gender stag and hen dos

‘Stens’ and ‘hags’ are all the rage, with people increasingly ditching rigid traditions to invite their closest friends - regardless of what’s between their legs.

NOT: Live-streamed weddings

Trust us, nobody cares.

HOT: Adventuremoons

Forget all-inclusive resorts - honeymoons are projected to focus more on unplugging and exploring the world. So strap on a backpack and get ready for adventure.

NOT: Wedding drones

Cool in theory, a bit extra in practice? We’ll leave this up to whether you want to end up on the counter-terrorism watch list.

HOT: Self-service bars

Raise the bar and go DIY with your wedding booze. More couples are booking venues that allow them to supply their own alcohol, with their mates standing in to serve drinks in short shifts. It sounds like work, but it’s great fun getting everyone involved.

HOT: Wellness & Culture Hen Dos

It seems a lot of hen parties are looking for a pampering on a spa or wellness retreat, with some cultural sight seeing thrown in. Doesn't mean there can't be a bit of alcohol in the mix at a bottomless brunches or evening meal. The more exotic the location the better!

HOT: Energy-cleansing your rings

Inherited your ring from great-aunt Matilda? Energy-cleansing rituals are believed to purify your gemstones so they’re better ‘in-tune’ with the new owner (and a New Age scammer’s bank account).

HOT: Instastags

Some stag parties are all about sharing photos of their wild group activities and less time spent boozing or at strip clubs.