VR (virtual reality) is the use of computer hardware and software to create a fully simulated and immersive environment.

By using specialist headgear to bring the user a full 3D audio visual experience, users are able to interact with their new environment through the use of movements and gestures. The results are impressive and it’s no surprise that VR technology continues to evolve and become more popular.

Let's put this in context.

To overcome the challenge of Coronavirus we have devised a brand new team building experience that allows staff to come together and participate in a team based activity by using VR technology from the comfort of their own office (or even home).

Now there are two options when it comes to our VR experience: simultaneous live VR competitions and different VR events taking place on different dates. Simultaneous VR consists of teams playing the same VR at the same time in multiple locations. Different VR events take place on different dates which can run over a long period of time and are connected by a shared leaderboard. We also manage an email-updated newsletter which contains results, videos, quotes and scores across all participating teams/offices.

As well as limiting socialising in big groups and travelling, all of the equipment provided would clearly be sterilised beforehand and cleaned with antibacterial wipes between each person’s turn.

There are many VR games to choose from but we think the following are the best in terms of playing remotely:


Richie’s Plank Experience

your team will be sure to conquer their fears with this activity where they will walk a plank from a 80-floor high building and try to collect as many donuts as possible. The team with the most amount of donuts wins!


Fruit Ninja

Players have 1 minute to slice and dice as much fruit as they can. Players can boost their scores by achieving combos!


Google Earth

The Egg and Space Race: players race to find famous landmarks within Google Earth’s 3D recreation of the world. The player who takes on the role of wearing the headset flies across the planet with directions and help from the rest of their team to reach the famous landmarks and to beat their opponents.


Fancy Skiing

Players compete head to head or team to team to try and reach the end of the course. This is rated as one of the funniest and high energy games, it will be sure to restore your team's motivation once completing this game.


Tilt Brush VR Pictionary

a player must attempt to draw a generated word against the clock for the rest of their team to guess as quickly as possible. This activity tests both your artistic and synchronisation skills.