The B2C Sales & Customer Service team looks after B2C enquiries and bookings. This includes, but is not limited to, stag, hen, golf weekends and milestone events.

When you receive a booking from Chillisauce it will come from, and be managed by, one individual from the Sales team or Customer Service team, at times also referred to as the account or event manager.

Booking Procedure


There are two forms of notification you may receive relating to a booking - instant and once a day.

Instant: - New bookings and cancellations will trigger an instant email to your booking email address. This email will just let you know that there is a new booking or cancellation that requires you to log on and action it and a link to take you to our supplier portal to do so.

Once a day: - For amendments you will receive one email each day to let you know that there are amendments to be actioned. This is to reduce the number of emails you get from us. If there is a major amendment that needs to be responded to with a little more urgency the responsible account manager will get in touch.

Confirming/Declining: Unless otherwise agreed, all new bookings will need to be confirmed or declined via our online supplier area made available directly on our website.

When you receive a new booking in your supplier area it is not assumed you will take it, this is a combination of an availability check and providing the details required for you to accept the booking.

Confirming: After receiving a new booking, if you have availability and all details are correct you can confirm the booking. The booking will then remain in your event list with the task column showing blank to indicate that there is nothing else required at that moment and for your future reference.

Declining: If you do not have availability for the product requested you will need to decline the booking and the system will prompt you to provide a reason for declining the booking. If there is an alternative option available, please include this in the reason. E.g. “Can’t accept booking at 6pm next available slot is 4pm“, “No twins left, could do doubles at same price.” Etc.

If you can take a booking with a slight amendment i.e. small time change or a similar alternative, please still decline and explain the update that is required to accept the booking. Providing the alternative is clear and acceptable for the customer you will get the booking back with the update made so you can accept it.

Response time: We ask suppliers to make all reasonable effort to have all bookings that require attention to be resolved within 24hrs. If for some reason this is not possible please make the relevant account manager aware of the reason for delay.

Cool off period for short notice bookings: Often we need to confirm numerous elements with different suppliers to fully confirm a customer’s package. On occasion one element of the package may not be available and this will prevent the entire package from being able to move forward.

If you have confirmed a new booking with us that is within 28 days of arrival, Chillisauce withhold the right to cancel the booking within 48 hours of its confirmation.

Cancellation By Us: To fit in with our customer terms and conditions, we need the following cancellation terms with our suppliers.

Cancellations outside of 28 days = 100% refundable

Cancellations within 28 days = 100% non-refundable

Bookings made within 28 days = 48hr cancellation window 100% refundable

Number Changes: The nature of our groups means that the group size is liable to change between original booking and the event date. Groups book with their estimated numbers and these may change up to 4 weeks before the event date.

Cancellation By Supplier; If a supplier can no longer accommodate a reservation after confirming it, the partner is expected to find a comparable or improved alternative based as closely as possible to the original property.

If an issue only becomes apparent when a group arrives to check in, please call Chillisauce’s on-call emergency number. The supplier is expected to cover the cost of the alternative arrangements plus taxis to the new booking.

Payment Procedure

Please note that we are unable to make payment without receipt of an invoice. All invoices must be sent to

To receive payment as per our standard procedures, invoices can be sent at any time up to 14 days in advance of the event and will be kept on file. Invoices will be processed on the first business day within 7 days of the event, generally Monday, and payment should be received by that Thursday.

If an invoice is sent after 9:30am on that Monday it will be added to the next payment run on the following Monday. If the above deadlines aren’t met and an invoice is sent the same week of the event, Chillisauce will guarantee payment and the booking needs to be honoured. However, payment will not be received until the Thursday after the event.

Invoices should break down the net and VAT elements of the cost, and have the VAT number clearly legible on the invoice if applicable.

If you as the supplier have still not received payment on the day of an event, please contact the Chillisauce emergency contact number rather than ask the group for payment.

Become a Supplier: To be become a new supplier, please fill in this form: LINK

If you are an existing supplier: to set up a new product, update your existing product or discuss your partnership with Chillisauce you will need to speak to the Product team.

Product Team Contact Details 02072991861

  • Kenny Stevens – Sales and Product Director
  • Hes Hesmer - Regional Product Manager
  • Diane Worcester – Regional Product Manager