For some, being a contestant on a TV show seems hopelessly out of reach. To others, putting their faces inside someone else's living room is like something out of a horror movie.

Of course, that doesn't mean we don't watch the TV and shout, "I could do that," to anyone who cares to listen. It's no wonder then that some of our most popular games are based on those familiar formats that give our guests the thrill of experiencing their favourite competitions first-hand.


The Crystal Collection

Groups compete in a series of fiendish mental and physical challenges, testing their mettle amongst their peers. You must navigate cryptic puzzles and towering obstacles, completing tasks to earn crystals. Every crystal earns you much-needed time for the final challenge at the end of the game: a giant dome full of floating fun money.

Don't get too excited, though; it's like trying to take a leaflet off your windscreen while you’re driving. Much easier said than done. There is something for everyone as we test your teamwork, strength, agility, skill, and problem-solving abilities. This has been our most popular game for many years, and it doesn't seem like slowing down.


I'm An Exec... Get Me Out Of Here

Now, unless you want to get on a plane and sign a waiver, we won't be hosting this event in a jungle. But we can bring the spirit and the tone to your doorstep.

Some of our bravest competitors have been talking to a tarantula as it meanders along their shoulders. We even have snakes wrapping their scaly bodies around unsuspecting limbs.

Too hardcore? What about edible crickets?

Teams compete for golden stars to become the champions of the jungle. Oh, and as if all that wasn't demanding enough, you can't win without graduating from our blindfolded assault course.

Pro tip: watch out for spider webs!


Master of Tasks

On arrival, you will be split into teams and asked to complete a large array of downright bizarre and pointless tasks. (Sounds like any other work day, right?)

To a backdrop of bemused laughter, each mission will encourage you to think both laterally and creatively. Throughout the event, teams will compete in a minimum of 12 tasks. Some will be against the clock, and others will be head-to-head with other groups.

Who can move the most peas from one container to another using only a knife? Who can blow up the biggest balloon in a minute whilst blindfolded? Who can throw an egg as high as possible without breaking it? Mini activities, where everything is smaller than expected.


The Kube

Teams are given a challenge to complete and sent off to prepare. For example, they may have to bounce a volleyball from a distance into a cylindrical hole. Sound easy? Not when you have everyone you work with watching!

Teams have just ten minutes to discuss tactics, practice, and pick the best player to take on the task. Once their time is up, it's time to put their skills to the test as the chosen team member steps inside the dreaded giant inflatable Kube. Let the game begin!

As the chosen player, you have just THREE attempts to make the shot. If you get it first time, you win 15 points. If you do it in two, that's 10 points. If you make the shot on your last attempt, you gain 5 points. Meanwhile, your team and your opponents are all watching (hopefully, the cheers will drown out the boos).

There are dozens of tasks requiring different skills, making this a truly inclusive game.

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