Renowned for being the party capital of the North East, Newcastle has legendary nightlife and is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the UK for a night out. Cheap beer, friendly locals, tons of outdoor activities and a serious love of football make the city the perfect stag do destination. You certainly won’t be the only stags in town. Here are the highlights of a top stag weekend in Newcastle.

When to Visit Newcastle

As a Northern city, Newcastle doesn’t get quite as much sunshine as London, but what it lacks in high temperatures it makes up for with high spirits and plenty of action. Autumn and winter sees people resigned to the warm confines of pubs and clubs, followed by crisp morning walks across the city’s bridges and cathedrals. Spring and summer heralds in long nights in parks and t-shirt weather, bringing with it an electrifying atmosphere.

Welcome to Newcastle

The stereotype is true - chilly British weather doesn’t stop the lads and lasses of Newcastle from leaving their coats at home and braving the streets with skin on show. The dress code in most clubs tend to be smart casual, but it’s best to avoid trainers if you want to guarantee entry. Newcastle is also no stranger to large groups, but if you’re in the queue wobbling over and making a scene that’s a big red card.

Newcastle is compact, meaning most bars are within walking distance. Expect long queues for popular clubs, lined with merry locals armed against the cold with classic Geordie banter. Once inside, enjoy the benefits of cheap Northern drinks prices.


Party on the Toon

No two nights are the same. The Diamond Strip is the city’s most famous street, the frequent haunt of Geordie Shore cast - it has an exclusive and stylish vibe with decadent bars. Bigg Market has an unrivalled rowdy, anything-goes atmosphere with the Gate leisure complex just next door with big party names Tiger Tiger and Players Bar. For a more sophisticated drinking spot, head over to the Quayside. Check out our guide to Newcastle nightspots for more inspiration.


Thrilling days out in Newcastle

Experience high-speed go-karting thrills at one of the biggest outdoor karting tracks in the UK with a fast and technical circuit. It’s not just karting either; the venue boasts one of the largest paintball arenas with a purpose-built WW2 themed paintball facility, full of sandbags, bunkers and obstacles. Get behind the wheel of an ex-Army Landrover to race around the off-road course. You can even test your aim with archery and tomahawk throwing.


A football-mad city

Football fans will have a top time in Newcastle, where there’s no limit to how passionate the Toon Army are about their beloved Newcastle United. Grab tickets to a Magpies match and experience it for yourself. Or, for a once in a lifetime experience, why not play with an actual Newcastle football legend? For a fun kickabout with a challenging twist, try foot golf, goggle football or zorb football.


Friendly, party-loving Geordies

Geordies are famously known for their friendliness and their love of a night on the ‘Toon’. If you can decipher the accent, you’ll have a great time chatting with the locals, who, chances are, won’t be wearing a jacket no matter how cold it may be. They will almost definitely drink you under the table.

Getting Around Newcastle

Public transport

The Metro is a great way to see the sights of Newcastle, working out at a low price if you buy the daysave ticket which allows you to hop on and off as much as you like.

There are three main bus services to take you around the city, including the Quaylink electric buses, which operate around the Quayside, Ouseburn and Gateshead areas. The Arriva and StageCoach buses also operate frequently around the city. All have value ticket options, which are perfect if you’re on a budget.

Many of the buses now take contactless payments but it’s also best to have some spare change on you just in case. You can find out bus times and more information here and buy tickets and find out the prices for all public transport in Newcastle here.


Sometimes public transport just isn’t an option, especially when it’s 3 am, you’ve danced as much as you can and have just eaten a whole pizza. Don’t worry, taxi ranks are found in most central areas including the Haymarket, Jesmond and Quayside operating 24 hours a day.

Before getting in a black cab (or Hackney carriage as the Geordies call them) make sure that it has a top sign, red door crest and a rear plate. Alternatively, call an Uber.

Car Parks

If one of your stag or hens has been lumbered with the driving, there are some central 24-hour car parks, including Times Square Car Park and Q Park. Most central car parks and on-street parking are free after 5 pm and on Sundays. Although some of the car parks now take phone payments, it’s advisable to make sure you have enough change on you.

Hot Tips

Drinking safely in Newcastle

Newcastle has a reputation for being a friendly and tolerant city, but a strong drinking culture means alcohol can lead to the occasional scuffle. Despite this, police stats reveal the vast majority of people feel safe when out on the Toon, with officers patrolling popular areas and taxi marshalls on hand to help people get home safe. Be friendly and open and you’ll have no trouble.

Geordie Slang

If you can decipher the thick Geordie accent, dig a little deeper a learn some slang. The locals will love you for it.

  • Wey aye, man! - Used to express agreement or positivity
  • Canny - Good, great
  • Mortal - Very, very drunk
  • Haddaway, man - No way, go away
  • Geet walla - Huge
  • Pet - A term of endearment, darling
  • Gadgie - Man
  • Hinny - Woman

Ready for an unforgettable night on the Toon? Stag dos in Newcastle are an unmissable UK experience - you should do at least one in your lifetime, so you better start planning. We’re here to help you organise your non-stop party stag weekend with activities for both day and night.