Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. And every BFF dreams of planning her best mate’s hen party. You’ve got one chance to really send her off and it doesn’t need to break the bank because we’ve created a list of the top 10 cheapest European hen do destinations. To make things easier, the prices in our official guide are based on:

  • The price of a glass of wine from The Post Office Holiday Cost Barometer 2018
  • The price of food based on a cheap local meal in the centre of the city during 2017
  • The average cost of a 3-kilometre taxi ride in the city centre in 2017
  • The cheapest available flights to that destination in July 2018

So, scroll down to take a look at the best places to go for a hen weekend that is high on chit-chat and cocktails, but low on price.

10. Benidorm


With over 800 bars and clubs, golden beaches and glorious sunshine, a hen weekend in Benidorm is guaranteed to be fun. Flights are around 50% cheaper than those to Tenerife and you can get a glass of wine for as little as €2. Benidorm is the ideal choice for a budget sunshine hen weekend.

Benidorm costs:

Flights: €70
Food: €5.34
Wine: €2
Taxi: €6.45

9. Marbella


A hen party in Europe doesn’t get much better than Marbella. Compared to other sunshine destinations, flights to Marbella are cheaper and cost around €100. Even better, a 3 km taxi journey around the resort costs under €4 so you don’t need to worry about being able to walk in your heels. If you’re looking for the Ibiza vibe but for less money, Marbella is a great option.

Marbella costs:

Flights: €100
Food: €5
Wine: €2.08
Taxi: €3.95

8. Barcelona


The perfect mix of culture, cocktails and cracking weather, Barcelona has it all. While it’s slightly more expensive than other Spanish cities, there’s nothing like Barcelona. Spend your days exploring the city and beach and in the evening, head to one of the many nightclubs or organise a tapas and flamenco evening. With flights costing €52 in the height of summer, a hen weekend here is not going to be forgotten in a hurry.

Barcelona costs:

Flights: €52
Food: €6.40
Wine: €3.11
Taxi: €7.78

7. Dublin


While Dublin may be known for being slightly more expensive, flights to the city are some of the cheapest, coming in at €34. Once you’re there, a meal can be found for just over €5, which certainly makes up for the occasionally high drink prices. There’s also loads of cheap activities such as a brewery tour around Guinness Storehouse. If you’re looking for a hen do that offers plenty of craic, then look no further.

Dublin costs:

Flights: €34
Food: €5.34
Wine: €5.70
Taxi: €7.29

6. Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a combination of beautiful sights, bars and clubs, which means it’s a fantastic choice for a hen weekend. Flights to the capital are around €44, which is less than Prague, Budapest and Berlin. Famous for its canals, what better way to explore the city than on a boat cruise with unlimited alcohol. Once you’ve finished on the boat, head to the city where a glass of wine starts from €3.60. Bargain.

Amsterdam costs:

Flights: €44
Food: €5.30
Wine: €3.63
Taxi: €8.43

5. Budapest


Budapest has a great reputation, not only for being one of the greatest hen weekends away, but also for being incredibly cheap. Flights start at €75 and a meal in the centre starts from €3. When you’re walking (or stumbling) around the Hungarian city in your skyscraper heels, it’s hard to believe that you’re in one of the least expensive cities.

Budapest costs:

Flights: €75
Food: € 3.30
Wine: €4.03
Taxi: €4.27

4. Ibiza


Ibiza may not be the cheapest hen do trip away, but it isn’t the most expensive. Home to fantastic beach clubs and pool parties, a glass of wine may set you back nearly €4, but taxis are reasonable at around €8 for a 3km journey. To really save money, invest in a 3L spirit for €60 and party on the beach. For the ultimate sunny hen do, it’s got to be Ibiza.

Ibiza costs:

Flights: €110
Food: €6
Wine: €3.99
Taxi: €7.93

3. Madrid


Madrid is a classic European city that is a great hen weekend choice. Flights will set you back just over €50 and with a glass of local wine costing €2.59, it’s definitely worth the money. Tapas can be a much cheaper way of eating with a meal costing just over €6. Plus, sharing small dishes with a bottle of wine just screams classy, so it’s a win-win situation.

Madrid costs:

Flights: €56
Food: €6.40
Wine: €2.59
Taxi: €5.47

2. Prague


Prague continuously tops the list as one of the best places to go for hens and with average flights costing €54, this Czech Republic city is a great choice. A glass of wine comes in at €3 and with meals under €5, you can easily soak up that low-cost liquid. For the ultimate hen weekend, get the girls on a bubbly bike and cycle around the city while drinking 30 litres of fizz. Yes, that’s right.

Prague costs:

Flights: €54
Food: €4.67
Wine: €3
Taxi: €3.88

1. Valencia


Valencia is an all-round reasonable hen do destination. A meal costs just over €5 and a 3 km taxi comes in at under €8, so you’ll have money left over for booze. One of Spain’s liveliest cities, expect everything you’d look for in Ibiza, but for a fraction of the price. Sun, sea and sangria - need we say more?

Valencia costs:

Flights: €63
Food: €5.34
Wine: €2
Taxi: €7.95

So, ladies there’s no excuses. With our list of the 10 cheapest but still incredible hen do destinations, you can organise the best hen weekend away. Looking to make things even better? Why not get in touch with us today, and let us arrange a whole host of activities guaranteed to make this one unforgettable trip.

And if cost isn’t an issue, we have plenty of other European destinations to have a look at for your hen weekend.