Client Brief:

NIKE required an event to be held in Hilversum, Amsterdam to bring 100 of their EHQ Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) team together in a relaxed, social environment, whilst promoting cross-department introductions and interaction. They also wanted to introduce the CEE leadership team in an informal setting and style whilst delivering a young, fun, interactive and artistic event.

Our thinking:

Chillisauce suggested two creative solutions for the afternoon, with the following elements:

  • Venue and all facilities
  • Team building activity including all staff and equipment
  • Catering
  • DJ
  • Creative introduction for leadership team
  • Full event management (pre, on-site and post event)
  • Evaluation and de-brief
Masterpiece challenge

This group activity is to create an oversize replica of a bespoke design specifically for NIKE. The group is broken down into smaller teams and each team works on their own segment of the design before the finale of collating all the pieces to create the final image.

3D Letters

This group activity is to work together to design and craft 6ft high 3D letters, spelling out CEE. The format is similar to Masterpiece challenge, splitting the teams and collating each teams’ artwork into one. These letters will then be sealed with resin and displayed on the NIKE campus.

Chillisauce suggested a venue in Westerpark, Amsterdam. This venue is also used for music gigs and has a very unique interior; industrial, urban decor, graffiti art, tinted windows and the raw touch that NIKE were looking for to echo their brand and image.

For an alternative way of introducing the leadership team, Chillisauce suggested a DJ, comedian, rap artist and interactive screens.

The finer details:

The 3D Letters option was chosen as the afternoon activity as it is unique, creative and incorporates a number of business benefits that tie in with NIKE’s requirements:

  • Allowing staff to be aware of the bigger picture rather than focusing on individual tasks
  • Helping them to build trust between people that work together
  • Demonstrating issues related to team dynamics, problem solving, time management, organisation, and leadership under time constraints
  • Creating a tangible statement that CEE (the smallest team on the NIKE campus) are present and ready to grow

For a comedic and entertaining edge, a local comedian interviewed the 7 members of the leadership team on stage, allowing guests to learn a little a bit more about each individual. This enabled the CEE staff to get to know the leadership team in a relaxed and informal environment.

Once the interviews were completed, guests enjoyed food and drink (including local favourites) and entertained by a local DJ.

Feedback on the event:

“The pre-event work you did was fantastic. The venue was perfect. Timelines and budget were clear. You were very responsive to many changes and requests regarding the creative. It was all very well-handled.

"As for the event itself, I have heard it was a fantastic success. The letters look absolutely fantastic.”