We’re all familiar and comfortable with the concept of getting a nice hot towel shave at a spa or salon before a big event, but what about some of the other, more mysterious treatments available to the hirsute, pasty, modern man? We bumped into Jason Shankey and asked him some of those questions we all wonder about from time to time.


Am I weird if I’m thinking of having it done before the wedding night or honeymoon? Is it a man or a woman who does it? Oh and um, does it hurt?

Manscaping, aka The Back, Sack and Crack, can be either a trimming or waxing treatment, which shortens or completely removes hair in your private area. It can be performed by either a man or woman, takes around 45 minutes and costs around £70. Many men feel that it gives them ‘that extra inch’. It can be a bit painful the first time you have it done, but you do get accustomed to it over time and it doesn’t feel too painful. It is a very popular treatment, but it’s not something normally asked for just before a wedding.

Hand Grooming

How does it differ from a lady manicure?

Hand Grooming is the tidying up of a man’s hands and nails and involves cleansing, exfoliation (to remove rough and dry skin) and moisturisation. During the treatment, nails are trimmed, neatened and buffed and skin cuticles are pushed back. A coat of invisible nail strengthener is then used to keep your nails in good order. The main difference between the male and female treatment is the finish. We use invisible treatments on men, whereas women often like the results to be more obvious, often with lots of colour. The treatment takes up to 45 minutes and prices vary between £22 and £26.

Foot Grooming

How does it differ from a lady pedicure?

Like hand grooming, we cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the feet and tidy up your nails. Again, we use invisible products rather than coloured varnishes which women often choose.

** I’m pretty sure we could do with getting this done. By the way, we only know the words for manicure and pedicure because a friend told us… **

Body Trimming

What is this and what does it cover?

The hairy body look left with Magnum PI, and most men prefer to be hair-free, or at least have very little bodily hair. Body trimming uses clippers to trim down body hair density to the level that you like. It can be offered in lengths of between 0 and 12mm.

Upper Body Bronzing

How do they blend it in so you don’t look like a strawberry mivvi?

When men tan naturally, they are often wearing shorts or trousers, and so a natural tan has a natural cut-off point at the waist. We replicate this with upper body bronzing, taking it slightly below the ‘shorts line’, meaning that when topless and wearing shorts, you won’t see any white areas.