Cultural, affordable and widely varied, Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. Jam-packed with incredible restaurants, independent bars and lively clubs, Warsaw is a great spot for groups looking for a new experience. It’s also home to some impressive architecture and a long, turbulent history. Many argue that Warsaw has one of Poland’s best nightlife scenes, with tonnes of bars staying open until the last person leaves.

Summers in Warsaw remain at a comfortable temperature with highs of 23-24C during July, making it a great place for a sunny getaway. During winter, things get a little colder but with plenty of things to do and see, your trip to Warsaw won’t be a disappointment. It’s also really popular with groups, thanks to the cheap food and drink.

With friendly locals, cheap flights and a lively atmosphere, it’s no surprise that Warsaw is so popular.

Explore the City


The Old Town

As Poland’s largest city, there’s lots of things to do in Warsaw and plenty of activities for groups. However, there are some parts of the city that just cannot be missed. For example, a weekend in Warsaw is not complete without a trip to the Old Town. Home to buzzing bars, fantastic restaurants and live street performers, this little gem is at the heart of the thriving city.


River Cruise

Warsaw is set on the River Vistula, Poland’s longest and largest river. Enjoy a river cruise and explore the city from a unique perspective while you take in some of the best sights of the city and indulge in some onboard drink. There’s even a sound system playing the best hits, guaranteed to get the party started.


Vodka Tasting

Famous for its Vodka, this tasting experience is sure to keep your spirits lifted. You’ll sample 5 different vodkas under the expert guidance of a vodka expert and you’ll even be given perfectly paired meat and cheese. Poland is seriously proud of this product, and it’s easy to see why.



Warsaw is a proud home to football, American football, basketball and volleyball. Take part in a National Stadium Football Tour or take part in a number of activities such as indoor go-karting, a game of five-a-side, zorb football or indoor paintballing.



Boasting some of Europe’s biggest shopping malls, Warsaw offers independent boutiques, big name brands and high-street stores. Arkadia is the largest shopping centre in Eastern Europe, Blue City is a modern shopping centre with all the favourites and Plac Unii City Shopping, one of the area’s newest malls is also centrally located.

Nightlife hotspots

There’s plenty of clubs in Warsaw, offering a wide range of genres that make planning nights out for large groups easy. Expect open-air cafes, big clubs and sophisticated gentleman’s clubs, all conveniently located. Plus, there’s always a guided bar crawl that will ensure you head to the right places.


Kufle i Kapsle

This is a beer drinker’s heaven. The perfect combination of a classic European drinking bar with traditional Polish features, there are 16 taps on offer and even more bottled beer to choose from. There’s also a range of bar snacks to help soak up all those delicious drinks.


Panorama Sky Bar

Located on the 40th floor of the Marriott, Poland’s highest bar is like nothing else. With incredible views over the city, a jaw-dropping VIP room and delicious drinks it’s great for a special night out. While the prices may be slightly higher than other city-centre bars, the experience is unforgettable.


The View

Warsaw’s original rooftop spot should definitely be on your list. Offering a 360 degree bird’s eye view, delectable cocktails and a resident DJ playing the finest tunes, this is the place to see and be seen in Warsaw.


Gentlemen’s clubs

There are loads of gentleman’s club in Warsaw, with beautiful dancers, plush interiors and extensive drinks menus. New Orleans, Playhouse and The Hustler are some of the area’s most popular lounges,

Eat like a local

Polish cuisine is varied and Warsaw is home to hundreds of restaurants. Plus, if Polish cuisine isn’t for you, there’s plenty of other places that will cater for you and any fussy mates.


Traditional Cuisine

Polish cuisine includes lots of sausages, cheeses and, of course, anything pickled. Setka is a shot and snack bar (yep, that’s right) serving delicious food alongside vodka, of course. In the old town, Gościniec Polskie Pierogi has a great menu and includes authentic favourites. For something a little more special, head to U Fukiera - a favourite of many famous faces including Naomi Campbell.


International Cuisine

Warsaw has various restaurants, suiting different budgets and tastes. Black Real Burgers ‘n’ Bar serves delicious burgers, Olé Restaurant & Cocktail Bar offers the juiciest steaks and Fat Buddha boasts fantastic asian dishes in a stylish nightclub setting.

Places to stay

After a long day of drinking, partying and maybe the odd bit of sightseeing, it’s likely that you’ll want to find somewhere to rest your head. You’ll be pleased to hear that not only does Warsaw offer cheap accommodation, but it’s also conveniently located. Hotel MDM and Hotel Metropol are close to the city centre and also offer double and triple rooms, making it a cheaper option for large groups. Plus, there’s also a number of hostels and apartments dotted around the city.

Warsaw is the vibrant capital of Poland

Quick Overview:

Poland's capital has emerged as one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in ‘New Europe'. Since the overthrow of communism in 1989, the city has flourished and now boasts a host of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous girls.

In a Nutshell:

  • Warsaw's motto is 'Contemnit Procellas'- ‘It Defies Storms'. The city has been ransacked by invading armies throughout history, not least during WWII when it was virtually wiped off the map.
  • Population of Warsaw: 1.6million.
  • The official language is Polish- like English but lacking vowels! Many of the locals speak great English so they'll understand your abysmal chat-up lines.
  • Expect to pay around 8zl (£1.40) for a pint.


Warsaw has hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you want to sleep in the lap of luxury or just want a place to rest your spinning head in between drinking sessions we know the place for you.

Daytime Activities:

Poland's capital offers a great range of adrenaline-fuelled activities including pistol and rifle shooting, karting, paintball.

Evening Entertainment:

If you're worried about trawling around town in the freezing cold looking for a club, only to end up at the Polish equivalent of a Cliff Richard night at a local Women's Institute then never fear because we've got all of the city's top bars and clubs sussed. Warsaw has a plethora of drinking dens, chic nightclubs and top quality lap dancing clubs, most of which stay open until the last punter leaves.


Poland is famed for its world-class vodka. Chopin and Belvedere are the two most popular tipples but for the hardcore amongst you, a couple of Mad Dogs- ‘Wsciekly Pies' - a mix of vodka, Tabasco and raspberry juice, will have you breathing fire.

A word of warning- If you do have a couple of mates who turn mentalist the moment alcohol touches their lips then try to avoid the local fuzz as they'll throw you in the local drunk tank quicker than you can slur ‘Call my lawyer'. For 250 zl (£45) you'll be treated to a full strip search, a set of blue pyjamas and the company of mentally deranged vagrants. If you try to resist arrest expect to taste truncheon.


You may think Polish cooking is little more than pigs trotter soup, dumplings and red cabbage but since the parting of the Iron Curtain fine restaurants have popped up all over the city.

However, if you want a more authentic culinary experience local favourites include Smalec- fried lard, often served with hunks of homemade bread, and Bigos- a hunter's stew made using meat, cabbage, onion and sauerkraut before being left to simmer for a few days. Nice. Another popular food is Zapiekanki- take a stale baguette, pour melted cheese on it and then cover it with mushrooms and ketchup. Tastes great after 20 pints.


Warsaw's seasons are quite distinct. Cold and windy in Spring, warm and sunny interspersed in Summer, sunny but damp and foggy in Autumn and freezing in Winter, where the temperatures can drop to a brutal -15°C in January and February- good spirit drinking weather.


£1= 5.84911 Polish Zlotych Make sure you carry some small change around with you as many places will refuse to break large notes for you. Currency can be exchanged at any number of places but you are best off simply drawing out money using your ATM card.


For getting to and from the airport and to your activities, we'll be happy to arrange a coach for your party.

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