Some people who have got far too much time on their hands and don’t feel as if austerity measures and the Global War on Terror is enough to worry about seem to spend a lot of their waking hours wondering about aliens.

They are, not surprisingly, the same bunch that consume far too many narcotics and don’t get nearly enough sleep and are consequently in a semi permanent state of paranoia, expecting to get zapped at any moment by something with an eye in the middle of its forehead. And now thanks to the Roswell UFO Festival, they all get the opportunity to meet each other and talk cobblers.


The History

The festival is based around ‘the Roswell incident’ which took place near the town in New Mexico. In 1947 a suspected alien space craft was said to have landed near a US Air Force base with the military initially admitting it had found the debris of a saucer like object. Realising it was opening an extra terrestrial can of worms they changed tack and stated they had found the remnants of a weather balloon. All this was fine until a former USAAF officer, claimed there had been a cover up.



The event runs in early July and sports a variety of activities through which you can express your alien bent.


The Events

If you’re an alien enthusiast and also like fitness there’s the Alien Chase which is a 5 or 10k fun run for all the family and the winners of each category will receive a ceramic commemorative alien. Sweet. For the more creative conspiracy theorist there’s also an alien costume contest (including pets), an alien art show, a light parade and laser shows at the planetarium. The overall Best Alien Award receives an intergalactic eye popping $250.


Something a Little More Intellectual...

However, the main focus of the event is the lectures at the local museum and auditorium. Topics covered here include ‘aliens in the forest’, ‘UFO’s and the murder of Marilyn Monroe’ and ‘Bigfoot, Lake Monsters and other weirdness’. Overall it seems like quite a hoot and a fun way to spend a day if you happen to find yourself anywhere near New Mexico. And let’s face it, who am I to say whether or not there is alien life form?

If all this turns out to be true and Jesus and God were indeed crew mates on the same spaceship, people like me could be in for a lot of bother when they land again.