The time has come. It’s the stag weekend . And when it comes to drinking games, we don’t mess around. Don’t waste your time playing student games like Never Have I Ever, instead get into the real stag party spirit with our guide of the most extreme stag do drinking games. Some are old and some are new but all will separate the men from the boys. Note: While we will take credit for all the fun, we won’t take any blame for waking up with one eyebrow. Sorry lads.


Ring of fire

You will need: A pint glass and a deck of cards

There’s loads of variations of this classic gameJengabut ultimately the outcome is the same - a lot of drunk players. Either search for the rules online or use your imagination, giving each card a task. Top top: Making a list of what each card means can stop a lot of bickering.


Drunk Jenga

You will need: Jenga and some imagination

Simply invest in Jenga and write tasks on the individual blocks. Then when each block is pulled out during the game, that player has to complete the task. However, if you knock the tower down, you’ve got to drink your entire drink. It’s definitely not the childhood game we all used to play.


Dirty Pint

You will need: A pint glass and a coin

Everyone must pour some of their drink into a pint glass. Each player then flips a coin and says whether it will be heads or tails. If the player guesses correctly, they’re safe. Guess wrong and you’ve got to drink whatever is in the pint glass. This is not for the faint hearted.


God Save the Queen

You will need: Just a penny

For this one, you need a penny. If you manage to drop said penny into the drink of an unsuspecting friend (providing he is holding the glass) – then that person has to consume his entire drink until he can reach the penny and save the queen. Once the queen is saved, the victim now becomes the keeper of the penny, ready to drop it into somebody else’s glass. Note: Singing the National Anthem is optional.


Shot Roulette

You will need: A lot of shots

Head to the bar and ask for 5 shots for every person on the stag party. However, tell the bartender that you’d like half filled with vodka and half with water. Mix them all up and randomly choose your shot glasses. Once everyone has chosen their shots, you can all consume at the same time. We pity the poor bloke who gets 5 vodkas in a row. To really heat things up, play a game a bluff with the person on your left. Try to judge whether they had alcohol or water - if you get it wrong, you’ve got to do another shot.


Wax Attack

You will need: Waxing strips

Whenever someone isn’t paying attention or you just fancy spicing things up a little, use a waxing strip to wax their arm. Quick. Painful. Hilarious. And guaranteed to get their attention.



You will need: A lot of shots

Ideal for playing in a bar of pub, sit around a table full of shots. Everyone looks down at the table. On the count of three, players look up and stare at someone else. If you’re looking at someone who isn’t looking at you, you’re safe. If you find yourself looking directly into someone else’s eyes, shout ‘Medusa’ and take a shot. The game continues until all shots are gone.


Revolving Ping Pong

You will need: A ping pong table

Nowadays there’s loads of bars with ping-pong tables and this game will release a little friendly competition. In teams, one person serves the ball, then quickly passes the paddle to the person beside them. The same thing is happening on the other side of the table. Ideally the game would go on and on however in reality, a lot of people are going to mess up. Every time a mistake has been made, the person has to down their drink.


Bore Off

You will need: A group of lovely ladies

This game is guaranteed to get you some funny looks. Simply approach a group of unsuspecting ladies and begin talking to them. But the aim is to be as boring as possible for 5 minutes without being asked to go away. Last 5 minutes and you win. Fail and you have to down your drink or face a forfeit.



You will need: A dice

Take it in turns to roll the dice. If you roll a four, the other players must create a little treat for you to enjoy. This is one game that can be played before you go out or in a pub (just make sure the waiters are on board). Try and come up with some of the most un-appealing snacks and if they don’t eat it, the forfeit is a shot. If they do eat it, you have to drink.


Toy Soldiers

You will need: A bag of toy soldiers

Before you head out, the best man will put out a bag of toy soldiers. Each stag will take a soldier at random and adopt the pose. Throughout the night, whenever the best man shouts ‘Assume the position’, every man must hold their soldier pose.


Beer Pong

You will need: Plastic cups and a ping-pong ball

This is a great game to play in the hotel before your big night out. Place equal amounts of cups at each end of the table with beer in each. Players sit at opposite ends of the table and aim to get the ball into one of the opposing teams cups. If it lands successfully, that team must drink the contents.


Question Master

You will need: A lot of concentration

Anybody who answers a question from the question master must down their drink. However if you answer the question master’s question, with a question, you become the new question master. It’s much easier than it sounds.


Synchronise Watches

You will need: A watch for every stag

Between 01 - 29 past the hour drink with your left hand. Between 31 - 59 past the hour drink with the right hand. When the clock hits 00 and 30, don’t drink or hold your pint because who knows which hand it should be in. To catch someone you have to chink their glass with yours whilst it’s in their wrong hand and anyone caught has to down what’s left. No excuses.


Mr President

You will need: Just yourselves

Watch out for the best man. If he raises a finger to his ear as if to listen to an earpiece at any point, everyone else must shout ‘Get down Mr President’ and jump on the groom to save him from assassins. You can never be too careful these days.

Looking to make things even better?

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