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With the UK in lockdown people are naturally concerned if weddings and stag and hen parties will be able to go ahead this Spring and Summer.

Balanced with the fast rollout of multiple vaccines and lateral flow testing we at Chillisauce share the same view as Boris.

As the Prime Minister said recently in answer to a question about weddings:

“If you’re thinking about the summer, I think you’ll be alright… it is my strong hope and belief that by the summer, one way or the other, whether delivered by vaccination (which I hope will be delivered by Easter) or by lateral flow testing, it will be a different world.” – Boris Johnson

Given the uncertainty, why should you book now?

2021 could well be the biggest year in history for weddings. With most 2020 weddings postponed to this year, plus the weddings planned for 2021, venues are reporting enormous demand, even for weddings on weekdays and Sundays.

With so many 2020 stag and hen parties postponed to this year and the positive news regarding the vaccine,we are anticipating an un-presendented busy yearas we emerge from lockdown. This means the best activities and hotels will be booked up rapidly, so we believe it’s well worth booking now.

Of course we’ll also be competing with the pent up travel demand of the UK consumer, similar to what we saw last summer, resulting in hotel prices rocketing as demand quickly ramps up.

What if we book and Covid means the event cannot go ahead?

Our Covid 19 Promise

Our flexibility means you can book in the knowledge that if Covid affects your plans,we can change the location and/or the event date at no extra fee. We can even postpone the event date indefinitely if your wedding date needs to change but you don’t yet have a new one.Unlike our competitors we have never charged fees for changing your event date or locationand we are not going to start now!


Your wedding gets postponed – Never fear, we can postpone the stag or hen party, too. We can evenpostpone it to a date still to be decided, so you have total flexibility on dates.*

Your destination location is locked down or you’re advised not to travel there – With over 60 locations, including 27 in the UK we can quickly find a fantastic alternative for you and make all the changes with no administration fee.

You or some of your guests are not allowed to travel – Again, we can postpone the event to a date you can all make, or indefinitely if you don’t have a new date yet. Alternatively, if you want to keep that date anyway, we can change the names of the guests who can’t gofree of charge, so someone else can take their place.

These changes can all be made more than 6 weeks before travel. Inside 6 weeks, we will do everything we can to make the changes with no charge but some suppliers won’t allow this.

If you are due to travel and the event must be cancelled because of Covid restrictions, you will have four options:

  1. Change to a new location
  2. Postpone the event to a new date
  3. Postpone the event with an indefinite date to be decided later
  4. Receive a full refund

If you would like impartial advice from our regulator on any of this, please see