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Customers With Existing Bookings

We appreciate you may be worried about the current situation regarding your event and COVID-19 given the recent announcements. If your event is within the next 6 weeks,please contact your account manager so we can run through your options.

If your event is more than six weeks away, there's no need to do anything at present, you can wait and see how things develop as we approach your balance due date but we want to keep you informed of your options so please feel free to give us a call anytime.

Before your balance due date there are three options available to you:

Postpone Your Event:

We appreciate you may be anxious about the current situation and may choose not to travel. Therefore we are also able to postpone the dates of your event to much later in the year (or even next year). We can even postpone the event for now and decide on a new date later.

Cancel Your Event:

We are able to cancel your event as it falls outside of the 42 days of date of departure deadline. Please note if you do decide to do this, we will retain your deposit as per our normal terms and conditions that apply regarding cancellations. Note that we can cancel the event for some guests while postponing it for others.

Continue As Planned:

If you pay your balance as per the due date, we hope you will be able to travel. If the situation is unchanged, or there are still restrictions in place that make the event impossible to hold, you will have four options.

  1. Change to a new location
  2. Postpone the event to a new date.
  3. Postpone the event with an indefinite date to be decided later.
  4. Receive a Refund Credit Note. This is fully compliant with ABTA requirements of financial protection and can be exchanged for a new event or, if you have not redeemed it by the redemption date will generate a full refund (including deposits).

We appreciate you may be concerned about the situation and we would very much like to reassure you we are committed to delivering a great event for the whole party. Please note we are in constant communication with our governing body ABTA. If we are told to apply a different set of regulations later on, we will of course comply.

If you would like impartial advice from our regulator on any of this, please see