Top 20 Most Adventurous Stag Do Ideas 2020

Hi-octane, action-packed stag do activities to give your weekend some edge.

Looking for adventurousstag doideas? Want to unleash some friendly competition between the lads? Whether you’re looking to head off on a European trip abroad or stay a little closer to home, there are loads of hair-raising activities to make this stag one to remember. From white-water rafting to tank paintballing, we take a look at some of the most exciting adventure stag do ideas that you can book with us online. Boys will be boys, ey?


We’ve all been there: you’re watching the Winter Olympics. Someone makes a mistake. You shout, ‘That’s rubbish,’ while holding a burger and pint. But now you can put your money where your mouth is at a real-life bobsleigh run. This adrenaline-fuelled stag do activity will have you reaching speeds of up to 80km per hour. The question is, can you keep last night’s beer down? With panoramic views as you race down, you can even say you did a spot of sightseeing.

2)White water rafting

Can you work as a team when it really matters? And no, being a wingman on a night out doesn’t count. Power through the waves and reach high speeds in the rapids, during a white water rafting activity. Soak in the sights, race through the water and remember to hold on tight. After 2 hours of taming these wild waters, you’ve earned a beer, right?

3)Tank paintballing

You’ve heard of paintballing - but have you heard of tank paintballing? That’s right, we’re talking about a real tank that has been converted with 40mm paintball cannons. Take on your rivals as you drive across hills, turns and obstacles. Who dares wins?

4)4x4 driving

Unleash your manpower behind the steering wheel as you take on 4x4 driving in the ultimate stag do adventure activity. Big engines, big banter and even bigger driving challenges will take you through your paces as you attempt to stay bonnet up. This macho stag weekend activity is sure to be a hit with the lads.


Fancy the idea of throwing yourself off a wall, dangling in mid-air before making your way down for a cold, refreshing pint? Then you’re gonna love this fun, action-packed abseiling. With specialist equipment and an expert safety talk provided, this nail-biting experience will separate the boys from the men.


Don’t worry, this isn’t some weird take on the classic Disney film, Aristocats. Instead, argocats offer stag parties a monster driving experience on all terrain. Set off on the purpose-built course and power through anything in your way. Mud? Tick. Fun? Tick. A Macho feeling? Double Tick.

7)Bungee jumping

Are you brave enough to take the leap of faith in one of our bungee jumping? Head up high and jump with only a piece of elastic holding your weight. Don’t worry though, as you’ll be in safe hands. As one of the most popular, thrill-seeking activities in the world, if you chicken out, it’s your round tonight!


If you’re after real adventure on your stag do, then canyoning is a great idea. From swimming, rock scrambling, tombstoning and climbing, you’ll be put through your paces in this wet and wild activity. Walk through waterfalls, scramble around rocks, climb over caves and jump into open water. And all set in fantastic scenery. It’s stag-gering.


Coasteering is a fantastic stag weekend idea. Challenging and action-packed, this activity requires great mental and physical strength - and that’s just getting the wetsuit on! Make your way along a rocky coastline by swimming or climbing, jump into the sea and best of all, your mum won’t be there to tell you off. At least hopefully not.

10)Dog sledding

They’re man’s best friend and now you can take the reins in a dog sledding activity. Learn how to be a ‘Musher’ as you get grips with your brand-new 4-pawed drive. If you’re looking for a unique adventure, then it’s got to be this.

11)Assault courses

The perfect combination of teamwork and competitiveness, an assault course is one of the best ways to get a stag weekend started. After all, there’s no better icebreaker than light rivalry. Take in some fresh air, get some exercise and expect lots of sweating.

12)High ropes

Release your inner Tarzan with a high ropes stag do activity. Swing through the air, grab onto ropes and jump past obstacles; this thrill-seeking adventure is not for the light-hearted. Egg your mates to go higher, and how about a classic schoolboy prank? Push the stag or pretend his harness has broken. A cheap (but endless) laugh.


Hovercrafting is a great stag party idea and will separate those who can walk the walk and those who simply talk the talk. This unusual activity will really put your skills to the test.

14)Jet skiing

Create an unforgettable stag do and head out on a jet ski experience. As one of the biggest adrenaline-pumping water-based activities that you can do, don’t forget to take in the beautiful views.


Is it a bird? Is it a man? No, it’s a stag on his stag do. Flyboarding is the ideal adventure stag do idea and will make for a great story at the wedding. Strap the board to your feet and prepare for the jets to fire up. As you begin to fly into the air, the ultimate test of whether or not you’ll remain upright, begins.

16)Kite surfing

Kite surfing is an action-packed sport combining windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, sailing and skateboarding. So, if your stag thinks he’s got it all, look no further than this adventurous stag do activity.


Looking for an unusual adventure for a stag do trip? Paddleboarding is a hit with all ages and fitness abilities, but not everyone will take to it like a duck to water. Guaranteed as a great laugh, the friendly sporting atmosphere will no doubt turn to a competition, quicker than you can say ‘BEER PONG’.

Image of a stag group doing blindfold driving

18)Blindfold Driving

Some cocky blokes say they can do things, like drive, blindfolded - which makes this the perfect activity to put their money where their mouth is! Grin smugly as you watch your mates traverse tricky turns, bumps and mud-filled trenches completely blind, with only the shouty directions of their passengers as navigation!

A huge burger

19)Man vs Food

Dare to take on some of the UK's biggest food challenges, designed to conquer even the most voracious appetites. Munch through mountains of meat or scoff down scorching hot wings, coated with sauce 500 times hotter than jalapenos. Can you stomach it?

people fighting zombies at a zombie boot camp

20)Zombie Battle

The world is ending and you and your mates are humanity's last hope. Master a variety of weapons, zip up your riot gear and practice hand-to-hand combat from trained military experts to fend off hordes of the undead. Warning: these zombies are bloodthirsty!

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