White Water Rafting For Stag Weekends


River rafting is one of the most reliable UK adrenalin sports and also one of the most popular. There are two main forms of white water rafting; man-made and natural rafting. Both have their merits: Man-Made White Water Rafting Obviously for white water rafting you need a river with rapids. As these are limited to mountainous areas, some man-made recreational courses have been built (generally as canoe slalom courses) in flatter areas of the UK. While man-made courses are a reasonable substitute, we would really recommend the natural courses if you're looking for anything more thrilling than a couple of bumps over a few hundred metres of man made rapids. Although no match for natural white water rafting, you will of course have the benefit of being able to do it without having to go miles from civilisation. Natural White Water Rafting For the ultimate white water adrenalin rush, nothing comes close to a natural river in full flow.