More and more stags are heading off on stag weekends and opting to go without booze. Whether you’re not really into drinking or don’t fancy spending the whole weekend feeling slightly worse for wear, we’ve created a list of the 25 best booze-free stag do ideas. Even better, without all that alcohol making hazy memories, this will be one weekend that you won’t forget.


1. Paintballing

Best for unleashing a little friendly competition

Nothing says male bonding more than rolling around in the dirt, shooting each other with paint and aiming for where it hurts. Watch as even the quietest person becomes competitive and soon you’ll all be ducking, diving and dodging for the win. Paintballing is a great stag party activity that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.


2. Laser Mission

Best for those who don’t want to risk getting hurt

If you’re on strict instructions from the bride-to-be to not injure or bruise the stag before the big day, then laser mission could be the ideal activity for you. Forget about Call of Duty, this is your own action adventure activity. So, grab the boys away from their consoles for an epic stag do battle - but remember, it’s only a game.


3. Play with a legend

Best for those football fanatics

Relive your sporting dreams and play football with a legend. Everyone’s got a mate who claims he ‘could have gone pro’ and now you can really put him up to the challenge. You’ll meet with your legend to discuss the big game, talk tactics and get some top advice, before having a 5-a-side match with your Legend. This is one stag do activity that will not be forgotten in a hurry!


4. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Best for being a real man

Unleash your inner man and take part in some clay pigeon shooting. From birds, to targets and even clay pigeon shooting, there’s loads of different shooting activities to try your hand at. One of the most popular ideas for stag parties, this is one activity that is definitely best suited to sober stags.


5. Quad Biking

Best for the big kids inside you

If you’re looking for an outdoor based activity that will give you an adrenaline rush, then quad biking is for you. Race around the countryside, prepare to get muddy and see if can get to the finishing line first. An adventurous activity that is bound to leave one person boasting about his speed. Alright, mate…


6. Monster Truck Driving

Best for that macho feeling

Is there anything that screams man louder than Monster Truck Driving? In this ultimate stag do activity, expect big engines, banter and even bigger driving challenges. Show them who’s boss as you power around the course, but can you stay bonnet up? This is one big activity that is sure to be a hit with the lads.


7. Mountain Biking

Best for getting out and about

Mountain biking is the perfect stag do idea for outdoor thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. Jump in the saddle as you speed past your mates, and don’t forget to take in all the scenery. One of the best alcohol-free activities that beats a boozy bar crawl anyday. Plus, this challenging but fun ride definitely counts as a couple of gym sessions. Result.


8. Tank Driving

Best for unforgettable memories

Yes, you read it right! Tank driving is an alternative stag do activity that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Get behind the wheel of a real-life battle tank and drive around a challenging course. The worst part about it is when it comes to an end, and you remember that you’re not actually in a film. Awkward.


9. Go Karting

Best for a fun activity indoors

Looking for an adrenaline rush with high speeds whatever the weather? Go Karting is the place to be. Rekindle your old rivalries with your mates and race to see who is the next Lewis Hamilton. Afterwards, take your place on the podium for that winning shot which will look perfect passed around at the wedding.


10. Go to a game

Best for the die hard sports fan

Rugby, football, cricket - whatever your favourite sport there’s nothing quite like going to a game. Stand in the terraces all together and cheer your team on. If you’re feeling really posh, why not rent out a suite and enjoy top-quality food while you watch? Even better, you can easily make a request for alternatives to alcohol to be provided so all that is left is to do, is enjoy the match. C’mon!


11. It’s a knockout

Best for breaking the ice

There’s a good chance that you won’t know everyone on the stag do, so having an activity that everyone can get involved with and have a laugh is a great idea. It’s a knockout is the hilarious assault course made famous by the popular TV show. Anyone can take part, regardless of age or fitness abilities so what are you waiting for? Get booking.


12. Go to the races

Best for a stag do of all ages

Well, if you’re not indulging in alcohol, how about having a flutter? Get all the lads together, put your smart suit on and head to the races. Don’t get carried away, however - you don’t want to be left doing the dishes. A great stag do activity that will be enjoyed by all ages.


13. Go abroad

Best for the ultimate stag do trip

Sure the UK has some pretty cool places, but if you really want to heat things up, head abroad for a stag do party like no other. Plus, a weekend away doesn’t need to consist of booze cruises and yobbish invasions. Say no to the pubs and bars and explore the city culture instead. Check out our stag do destinations for a little inspiration.


14. Go to a gig

Best for a stag who loves his music

If you’ve been left to organise the stag do, then you’ve got a big job. There’s no better way to impress your music loving mate than a trip to see his favorite band. And, remember walking out of a packed stadium with a ringing sound in your ears is surely better than rolling out of bed with a pounding head, isn’t it? Music 1 Hangover 0.


15. White water rafting

Best for an experience that can’t be recreated

Can you work as a team when it really matters? And no, being a wingman on a night out doesn’t count here unfortunately. Power through the waves and reach high speeds in the rapids, during a White Water Rafting activity. Soak in the sights, race through the water and remember to hold on tight. This is one activity that proves you don’t need alcohol to have fun.


16. Sailing

Best for getting all the lads together

As with any weekend away, it’s likely that you haven’t seen your mates in a while. Sailing is the ideal stag do activity because not only does it guarantee good fun, but it’ll also give you a chance to catch up and chat when the waves are quiet. Plus, the scenery really is something else.


17. Golf day

Best for a casual get-together

Why bother with pub golf when you could play real golf? From the traditional green, to foot golf and crazy golf, there’s a course for every stag. Get out into the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine (hopefully) and whack a ball around. Even better, golf courses usually come hand-in-hand with a swanky venue so afterwards refuel with some tasty grab.


18. Rent a yacht

Best for pretending you’re a millionaire

Okay so it might not be Rafael Nadal’s superyacht but it really is still something. Relax onboard your very own private yacht while the captain and his crew do all the work. Chill out in style and swap beer goggles for swimming goggles. Plus, you can even throw a few fishing lines out to really make the most of the trip.


19. Experience days

Best for thrill seekers

From hot air balloons, driving fast cars or white water rafting, there are experience day packages for everyone. For a unique weekend that will suit your stag down to the ground, create your very own tailor-made experience day today. After all, you’ve only got one chance to send him off into married life.


20. Multi Activity Days

Best for those who can’t choose

Embrace your inner child as you spend an entire day doing activities. Yes, that’s right. A multi-activity day is the ideal plan for stags who can’t decide what they want to do. Choose a range of awesome activities and split into teams. Are you ready for the challenge?


21. Go to a theme park

Best for adrenaline junkies

If you’re looking for an unusual stag trip, then a theme park is one of the best ideas. Like an activity centre but with more steel, power and sheer adrenaline, the biggest challenge will be persuading wimpy friends onto the scariest rides. Seperate the boys from the men during this fun activity day.


22. Survival Course

Best for learning real-life skills

Get trained to survive in the wilderness and see who the real men of the group are. Combining military training, fitness, navigation, traps and more, take in some fresh air, get some exercise and expect lots of sweating. Note: jokes about the stag training to survive in marriage are not included. Bear Grylls, eat your heart out.


23. Cigar Tasting

Best for something unusual

Indulge in another, altogether classier vice by arranging a cigar tasting evening. Try the finest tobacco from around the world while you’re educated on the origins, inspirations and finest cigar pairings. The perfect excuse to celebrate your mate’s last weekend of freedom. Being a man never felt so good.


24. Life Drawing

Best for getting everyone in a fit giggles

One of the best ways to embarrass the stag is to book a life drawing session. Try and get one of the lads to model or gather round and unleash your creativity as you paint a stranger. A naked stranger. Plus, when your partner asks if you went to any strip club, you can confidently say no.


25. Zorb Football

Best for a football game, like no other

Get your game face on and have a kickabout with all of your mates but this time in zorb costumes. Zorb football is the latest stag do activity that will guarantee good fun, good banter and even better laughs. You don’t need to worry about going in too hard on the tackle because you’re essentially in a huge bubble. For an unforgettable stag weekend activity, look no further.

So while an alcohol-free stag weekend may sound like some people’s idea of hell, we’ve shown you that just because it’s low on booze doesn’t have to mean it’s low on fun. If you’re planning the ultimate stag weekend, then check out our full list of stag do activities or get in touch for more information.