A list of our top most awesome wedding rings

The venue is booked, your suit is sorted, the stag weekend is in the diary and the honeymoon is beckoning. But before you get too distracted by the promise of beers by the pool and sex on the beach, there is one more thing you must do. It’s time to get yourself some marital bling with men's wedding rings.

Don't settle for anything ordinary, we have compiled a list of the most awesome wedding rings we could find. And for more information about different ring materials, check out our Beginners Guide To Rings.


Gear Fab

These awesome (if slightly nerdy) rings are from Kinekt (the designer, not the X-Box motion controller) $165 from Kinekt Design.


Get Wood

Go back to nature with these hand-crafted rings, carved from salvaged and sustainably grown wood. This is the ring Tarzan would wear. Start from £320 on Eco Wood Rings.


Celtic Unity

None more manly in simple silver and black, but the Celtic love knot represents endless love and for those of us of a certain heritage, cultural significance. They get much more expensive, but this one is a snip at £61.83 from celtic-weddingrings.com


Bite Your Tungsten

Super tough alloy Tungsten Carbide sounds like it should be used to make bullets and we were once warned that in the event of an accident (getting your hand stuck in a vending machine, for example) that standard fire rescue cutting equipment can’t get through it – you could lose a finger. This is a man’s ring all right. $189 from Tungsten World


Save The Date

We’re pretty sure this is our favourite – I mean, come on, it can tell the time for flip’s sake. The Sundial wedding ring from Swiss firm Mesiter is available for £1,475.00 from Thorn Jewellery


We would have included the Lego ring

Obviously, but as far as we can make out they aren’t actually on general sale.