This next topic will either send shivers down your spine or you’ll be fist pumping all afternoon - and no we’re not talking about Love Island. Hen party themes. You either love them or loathe them, there’s no inbetween. To help you out we’ve created a guide with inspiration for the best hen party theme ideas so whether you think ‘the tackier the better’ or a simple black and gold colour scheme does the job, we’ve got the perfect theme for you.

Classy Themes


A blushing bride

Who doesn’t love rose gold and blush pink? Plus, just because you’re having a pink theme, it doesn’t mean that pink feather boas are on the agenda. Decorating the bride-to-be’s room in pink confetti and balloons always goes down well too. And, remember to indulge in some pink decorated cupcakes and of course, some pink fizz.



Simple and classic, black and white is one hen night theme that is easy to achieve. Ideal for a classy hen party, get all the girls in their little black dresses while the bride-to-be looks fabulous in white. Even better, if you’re heading abroad ask all the hens to invest in black beachwear and white for the bride. It’ll make for great photos whether you're heading to a boat party or beach club.


Gold glitter

Need we say more. Asking a girl how important glitter is, is like asking them how important water is. Glitter is life. This hen do theme is super chic and ideal for brides who love the glam life. Get all dolled up in glitzy gear and if you’re feeling brave why not add a sprinkle of glitter to your make-up, before heading out on a bar crawl or to a nightclub.


Flower crown

Simple, easy and gorgeous. Get creative and make your own flower crown. Not only is it fun to do but it’ll also look incredibly classy and makes for lovely pictures of you and your girls. Start the morning with champagne brunch before letting your creativity flow.

Funny themes


Bridal bootcamp

Attention! Put your bride through her paces with a bridal bootcamp theme. Get your camouflage on and army paint on your face and if the bride mucks around - 10 push ups. Why not turn it up a gear and arrange a bridal assault course too?



Hen party planning can be daunting but this is one idea that will guarantee a laugh. Sweet talk your nan into lending you her best clothes, get some fake glasses and perfect your sweet old lady voice. Oh deary me. Top tip: Talc in the hair makes for a grey haired look that we’re all dreading!



Not only a fun hen party idea but also a great way to embarrass the bride. Is there anything in the world better than cheerleader outfits? It’s the only reason that 99.99999% of girls are cheerleaders (that’s not a real fact but we think it’s true). Even better, through the night force your bride to perform a cheer on her own in front of everyone. If you need some practice beforehand, arrange a cheerleading dance lesson for your group.


Alice in wonderland

Have your very own Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea party. Not every hen do needs to involve lots of drinking so why not arrange a fun and memorable afternoon tea for all the girls. Speak to the venue and see if they have any themed teas or alternatively create your own at home. Note: Dressing the bride up as Alice is a necessity.

Tacky themes


Playboy bunnies

A playboy bunny inspired hen party allows you and your hens to go as naughty or as nice as you’d like. Invest in your very own hunky host for the evening and you never know where things will end.


Animal print

Sure, leopard print may be making a comeback but for this hen party theme, we’re talking about ALL the animal print. Think zebra on cheetah and tiger on leopard, this is going to be wild. Add in some gold hoops and you’re in for one tacky evening.


The classic tack

When you mutter the words ‘hen party’, most people will think of L-plate signs, sashes, devil horns, feather boas and all the tack you can get. So, when planning a hen do that is high on laughter and of course low on class, you’ve got to embrace every single piece of paraphernalia. Of course, this includes a male stripper.

Unusual themes


Pyjama party

If you’re opting to stay in for your hen party activities, then why not organise an adult slumber party? Get all your girls around, a load of treats and find a good movie. Even better - this idea is the perfect hen night plan for those who don’t enjoy drinking. Note: midnight snacks are a must.



This is a gorgeous hen theme, especially if the bride loves all things vintage. Either pick an era and tell the hens to dress accordingly or simply leave it up to everyone to choose. For an unforgettable evening, why not invest in a vintage photoshoot or makeover? Not only will the bride love being pampered but you’ll have photos as a lasting memory.



Get your rock on! More and more hen parties are heading to festivals around the UK and abroad to celebrate their hen do but if you’re looking to stay a little closer to home, bring the festival to your bride. Pull out the maxi dresses and wellies, create homemade wristbands and adorn the neon face paint. An unusual hen do theme that is loved by all music loving brides.


Healthy hen

If your bride is all about the zen and more into well-being than ‘well let’s get that prosecco opened’ a healthy hen party may be just what you’re looking for. Consider a juice retreat to get rid of those last few stubborn pounds before the big day or a relaxing spa day is another popular activity.

Ultimate themes


Spice Girls

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want is a Spice Girls themed hen do. Don’t lie - we all know which Spice Girl we’d want to be and this idea allows every lady to relive their childhood dream and be a popstar for one night only.


Husband-to-be’s job

Dentist? Teacher? Plumber? This is one hen do theme that can take a lot of planning but is a great laugh. Get everyone to dress up in the profession of the stag and to top it off, why not invest in masks of the husband-to-be’s face. It’s a guaranteed laugh.


Decade you were born in

A great hen do theme that gets everyone involved - no matter their age. Explore the specific decade’s fashion or come as your childhood hero. Alternatively, why not dress up as what you wanted to be when you grew up. This idea is also a great ice breaker for those hens who don’t know each other.


Sex and the city

It’s gotta be the ultimate chick-flick for girls all around the world so why not take a little inspiration from Carrie and the girls? Release your inner Miss Bradshaw with midi tutus and cute heels and ask your guests to dress as their favourite character. Cosmopolitans at the ready.

So, when it comes to hen parties we’ve got it covered. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a hen party weekend that you’ll never forget, contact us today.