15 Sensational Sten Do Ideas

The best activities for a great stag and hen do

What's a sten do, I hear you ask? It’s a joint hen andstag do, also known as a 'hag do’ (though that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it). More and more brides and grooms are rejecting the old school, single-sex hen and stag parties in favour of a more modern, joint sten party. And for good reason, too!

Don’t get us wrong, spending the last night of freedom with your partner isn’t for everyone, but it sure can have some perks. For starters, you can invite all your friends, male and female, so no one needs to miss out on your ultimate pre-wedding party. Plus, many couples share the same friendship group, so why not get everyone together for a send off?

If a joint stag andhen partysounds like the perfect option for you and your other half, take a look at our top 15 sten do ideas to find some great large group activities. If you’re still unsure about the whole Jack and Jill joint party idea, then check out our list of thepros and cons of a joint stag and hen doto find out more.

Exclusive canal river cruise in Amsterdam

See the sights of Amsterdam from a different perspective and organise a canal cruise to get everyone together. On this cruise, your Sten party can explore Amsterdam’s picturesque city centre canals while enjoying unlimited drinks. There’s even the chance to plug in your phone and play some tunes as you go, making it the perfect way to see a little more of the city while still partying!

SlotZilla zipline in Las Vegas

See Vegas the right way on this 12-storey, slot machine-inspired zip line attraction. Step up to the ledge, look down at the drop, and find out what you're made of. There's nothing quite like the sensation of flying through the air like a superhero, so treat yourself to a simple and unforgettable thrill - you definitely won't regret it. It might not be perfect for anyone with vertigo, but it’s ideal for an adventurous couple looking to send themselves off in style.

Zombie bootcamp in Birmingham

During this hardcore, breathless activity you and your mates will be running around an abandoned warehouse and scrambling for cover as you take on the “infected”. Expect blockbuster style makeup and professional actors as your zombie enemies. It really is a must for all horror fans and adrenaline junkies.

Bobsledding in Riga

Have you ever fancied being in Cool Runnings? Head on over to Riga and brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime with an adrenaline-fuelled blast down an Olympic track - reaching speeds of 80 km per hour. This bobsleigh run will test your group’s speed, skills, and nerve, all surrounded by panoramic mountain views.

James Bond Thames RIB blast charter in London

If you want to be shaken (not stirred), then speeding down the Thames in a RIB Blast boat is the ultimate Sten do activity for you. Your mission will start outside the London eye, stopping at MI5 and MI6 where scenes from loads of the classic Bond movies were filmed. With Bond music setting the mood, your driver will ramp up the engine and belt down to Canary Wharf in 007 style, throwing in sharp twists and turns to really get your heart pumping.

Exclusive catamaran cruise in Marbella

Ever looked at those millionaires and just wondered how they do it? Well, we say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Relax onboard an exclusive catamaran cruise while the captain and his crew do all the work. Have a dance to the onboard soundtrack while you enjoy your choice of refreshments. Then just soak up the rays, take in the views and cool down in the sea with your exclusive Sten party.

Thermal baths in Budapest

The perfect hangover remedy - soothe your aching limbs at Budapest’s stunning ancient thermal spa. Take a dip in the huge pools and feel the toxins literally flow from your body. As well as the huge central fountain, there are several steam rooms, saunas and spas at different temperatures. It’s one of the most popular attractions in the city, and for good reason too!

Knockout games in Brighton

There’s a good chance that not everyone on the sten do will know each other, so having an activity that everyone can get involved with and have a laugh is a great idea. It’s a knockout is the hilarious assault course made famous by the popular TV show. Try girls vs boys teams or team bride and team groom, to get the group mingling as they tackle the inflatable games. So what are you waiting for? Get booking.

Life drawing in Barcelona

For the ultimate icebreaker activity, try your hand at life drawing and sketch a gorgeous naked model. It’s one of the best ways to embarrass both the hens and stags and have some good light-hearted fun with the whole group. After a few drinks, you can even get one of your mates to model - if anyone’s feeling brave enough!

Indoor skydiving in Manchester

Experience the thrill of free falling without having to leap from a plane. Don your flight suit, before entering the flight chamber, where you'll float on a cushion of air inside the vertical wind tunnel, recreating the feeling of skydiving with no strings attached. It's sure to be a Sten do activity to remember.

White water rafting in Cardiff

If you have mates that are up for a challenge then why not book a day of white water rafting? Get kitted up, hop into your raft, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Race down kilometres of rapids, plunge pools, and lagoon-like waters while soaking in the sights of forest, hill tops, and dramatic riverside banks, paddle in hand – hold on tight! Plus, its the perfect way to get everyone pumped up for a night out later in the day.

Entry to Pacha in Ibiza

If you’ve got a large group, then guest list club entry is essential for making sure your sten night runs smoothly. On arrival, you can ignore the queue and confidently waltz past the waiting punters in the queue to go straight to the door. With five different musical environments, Pacha Ibiza is the ultimate venue for an unforgettable sten do night out.

Surfing in Newquay

Got an active group? Get your mates out into the water and learn to catch some waves in style during an expert surf lesson. After getting to grips with the key moves on the sand, you'll grab your board and head out into the white water. You’ll be riding the waves like a pro before you know it! Plus, once your lesson is over, you can relax on the shore with some well-deserved fish’n’chips and a locally brewed ale.

Speedboat pub tour in Glasgow

A classic pub tour is something that everyone will enjoy, so why not make it even more memorable and add a speedboat? Cruise around Glasgow’s beautiful Loch Lomond, taking in the scenic views and stopping off at some of the 15 traditional Scottish pubs scattered around the shores of the Lake. There really is no better way to spend an afternoon.

Parasailing in Magaluf

In this ultimate sten do activity you’ll be attached to a special parachute-like canopy before setting sail in a powerful speedboat, ready to launch you into the skies. Once it’s reached the required hair-raising speed, you’ll be up, up and away! You’ll enjoy incredible views of Magaluf’s shores as the boat tows you along at speeds of up to 70mph!

Not convinced? A sten do isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’d rather see off your unmarried life without your significant other, then check out our full list ofstagandhendo activities or get in touch for more information. Plus, if you're worried about organising a sten do, check out this comprehensive list of thepros and cons of having a joint hen and stag party.