Welcome to Barcelona

Only 2 hours from London, this vibrant and bustling city is ideally situated between the mountains and the Mediterranean sea . The Catalan capital of Barcelona is one of the most popular European destinations for stag dos, filled with thousands of eateries, tons of culture, famous sports arenas and boasts one of Europe’s best nightlife scenes with trendy bars, late-night clubs and large venues that are perfect for big groups. This makes it perfect for stag trips on a bar crawl. Plus for those feeling a little more adventurous there's an entire festival calendar that includes some of Europe's largest and best outdoor music events!

The locals here love drinking, dining, and enjoying the combination of relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and all with the vibrant buzz of a party city. Furthermore, with a warm climate all year round, there’s no other way to live; Barcelona enjoys average temperatures of 28c in the summer and a mild drop down to 14c in the winter months meaning you can pretty much plan a visit at any time of the year!

Our Barcelona stag experts have all the local knowledge of where to drink, stay and eat and which amazing activities to make your stag weekend the most memorable. We take all the pain out of organising your stag group, getting your mates where they need to go, taking payments so you don't have to worry about who has paid what and when. By providing a dedicated account manager who is here 9am-9pm on week days and 9am-12pm on weekends, we can help If you need to add members to your group or change any of your stag choices. All you and your mates have to worry about is having an awesome time! Visit our Barcelona stag page and inquire now!

Explore Barcelona

Barcelona has a rich and diverse culture and a very long history dating back to Roman times and this can be seen with in not only the architecture but the cities bohemian culture. Founded in 200 BC by Roman Barcelona, it has seen its fair share of struggle for power, and to this very day Catelonia remains in the midst of political dispute.

So you’ll be well served on a cultural visit to Barcelona, but best of all is the nightlight and food which makes it an essential stag party destination, of which there is endless choice and here we try to cover the best of it.


You cannot come to Barcelona and skip the craziness of La Boqueria Market: a maze of bustling stalls where you can sample the flavours of Catalonia - ideal for a hungover breakfast, before the lunchtime rush. Stags will appreciate the cheeky displays at the Museu Erotic de Barcelona (Sex Museum), while nudist sunbathers at Mar Bella Beach share a different kind of cheek. It wouldn’t be a trip to Barcelona without checking out the stunning Gaudi architecture, from the grand halls of La Sagrada Familia, to the dream-like designs of Casa Battlo and Park Guell.


Port Olimpic

The Olympic marina is well worth a visit. Designed for the 1992 olympics, Port Olimpic is an upmarket hotbed of activity, both during the day for the beaches, restaurants and water sports but also in the evening for the large choice of stag bars and nightclubs and the casino.


Las Ramblas

One of the best-known areas of Barcelona is Las Ramblas, a bustling tree-lined boulevard in the heart of the city. The pedestrian-only street is busy day and night with eccentric performers, restaurants and a host of lively bars and clubs. Make sure you also check out the La Boqueria market, situated just off Las Ramblas. It's been voted as the best market in the world (more than once!).

Remember like many crowded popular city areas, tourists in Las Ramblas can be targeted for scams and minor crimes. If in a large group always make sure you are clear about what you are ordering in the bar or restaurant before you sit down, otherwise you will be charged for food or drinks you didn't order (if in doubt check that someone ordered any plates of food or drinks before you start eating). Avoid cash points that have a lot of people stationed around them, especially in very crowded central areas. See more safety tips below.

How to Stay Safe in Barcelona

Compared to other big European cities, petty crime is a major issue in Barcelona. Pickpockets are common in busy areas like Las Ramblas and Metro stations, so never flash your valuables and always keep them close. Even if it makes you look a bit naff, wearing your backpack/rucksack on the front or investing in a bumbag are wise moves. Never leave your stuff on the beach to dip in the ocean, and never leave your drinks unattended, especially at night when there are pick pockets about.

As the centre of the Catalan Independence movement, Barcelona is sometimes swept up in passionate protests. Keep your eye on the news and avoid areas where these large crowds gather - things can sometimes turn violent. Remember though that these are few and far between, and generally Barcelona is a safe, enjoyable place to visit!


Gaudi’s Architecture

You’ll spot the works of famous Catalan architect Gaudi, throughout Barcelona. Although he died over a century ago, his masterpiece the Sagrada Familia, is still being worked on - its an icon of Barcelona. You can also see his quirky, colourful buildings like Casa Batlló and La Pedrera while exploring the city. For some great views of Barcelona, catch a metro up to his famous Park Güell - you can see the whole city from up there!


Barcelona’s Beaches

Barcelona has multiple golden sandy beaches - it’s said to have the best urban beaches in the world, in fact! Head to Barceloneta beach for an afternoon and explore its palm-lined promenade full of beachside shops and cafes, perfect for a post stag party wind down the day after. Or, if you want to escape the crowds for an afternoon, visit the quieter Bogatell beach - it’s a favourite with the locals.


Gothic Quarter

Get lost in the narrow, cobbled streets of the Gothic Quarter (or The Barri Gòtic), one of the oldest and most popular districts of Barcelona. You’ll find independent restaurants, cafes and boutique shops among the winding alleyways. Make sure you keep an eye out for pickpockets though, they tend to flock here due to the large tourist crowd.


Montjuic Castle Cable Car

Take a ride on the Montjuic Castle cable car and enjoy aerial views over Barcelona and the surrounding landscape. Aim to ride the cable cars at sunset if you can, to enjoy the best view of Barcelona’s skyline against the Mediterranean sea.


Nou Camp Stadium Tour

Barcelona is a city that’s full of football fans, so why not give your barca stag party a chance to soak up the atmosphere with a tour of Barcelona FC’s enormous home stadium. Visit the changing rooms, the president’s box and even run onto the pitch like a real Barca player.


Exclusive Bike Tour

Get your Barcelona stag party on an Exclusive Bike Tour and take in the tops sights of Barcelona - it’s the quickest and easiest way to see the city as a group. An expert tour guide will lead you around and show you some of the city's best sights like the beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella. Plus, you’ll get a complimentary beer at the end, what more could you want?

Barcelona Stag Nightlife

Don’t count on getting sleep; in Barcelona, the party begins late and lasts well until the following morning, with most locals not even considering pre drinks until after 10pm. Clubs open around midnight and keep the music blaring until 7am, when party goers leave and drunkenly grab bocadillos for the road. On Saturdays, the metro runs all night long, meaning easy access to the hotel if you split from your group.

The most popular clubs have long queues so you may consider purchasing a Nightlife Ticket, which gives you VIP access to over 24 venues from €10. That said, it’s fairly easy to get well lubricated in Barcelona’s nightlife hubs, with staff standing outside quieter bars to tout free shots and cheap drinks deals.

Vendors make a killing touting cheap beer on the city’s beaches, making it easy to get a buzz on before your big stag night, with a chance to soak in the Barcelona sunset. Just remember its illegal to drink on the street!


Club Catwalk

Make sure you don’t miss out on a night at Club Catwalk. Spread over two floors, this popular club has a rooftop terrace that overlooks the city. As well as two large rooms which play host to a huge variety of musical genres, including House, Pop and Techno.



This Japanese style nightclub is located right by the beach on Barcelona’s lively nightlife strip. It has an outdoor terrace with views of the sea and is renowned for putting on awesome themed parties. Shoko also hosts international DJs during big nights, such as Rawliquor, D-Wayne and Nouveaubeats.

Eat Like a Local

Catalans eat late, with lunchtime falling around 1.30-4pm and dinner between 8.30-11pm. A lot of shops even shut during the afternoon to allow residents to have a lunchtime siesta (how nice?). Also, remember that lunch should be your biggest meal - if you're waiting till 10 to eat dinner, you're going to want to pack in a decent portion at lunchtime. You can add some local restaurant options to your stag package with Chillisauce and get the low down on all eating options from our resident stag experts!


Tapas and Pintxos

Technically speaking, the locals don't eat Tapas but Pintxos which is a Basque-style of tapa . You can find many pintxo bars all over the city and what you'll find so great about these bars is that you don't even need to order; just grab a plate and help yourself!

Check out the El Born district where the food is known to be particularly delicious. This style of dining is the perfect way try some local delicacies like patatas bravas, padron peppers, seafood and chorizo. Plus, as the plates are small, you can have a taste of everything.

When to Visit Barcelona?

Barcelona enjoys mild winters and long, hot summers, with lightly-dressed locals taking full advantage of the Mediterranean climate.



Lasts from March to May, with temperatures climbing up to 23C towards the end. Also on the rise are flight prices, as festival season rears its head with crowd-pleasers Primavera and the Barcelona Beer Festival.


The months of June to August are scorchers in Spain’s second city, with the thermometer easily breaking past the 30C mark. Pack plenty of sunscreen and keep hydrated, especially if you plan on attending Pride, Sonar or Benicassim.


September catches the last of the summer heat (peaking around 26C), falling to a pleasant 18C by November. This is prime time to experience traditional Barcelona, with festivals like the Fiesta de Barcelona (where people dress as devils and set off fireworks from their pitchforks) and the Fiesta de la Merce, which turns the city into one big street party!


You’ll be pleased to hear you need not bring a scarf from December to February, as the weather peaks at a tolerable 15C. Enjoy low flight prices, less queues and the colourful Barcelona Carnival.


Getting Around Barcelona

Barcelona is more than just a pretty face; it has one of the most efficient public transport systems in Europe, making for easy access to its bars and beaches.


The city’s Metro system connects all the main stops, including easy transit to and from the airport (€4.50 single). If you’re in town for the weekend, a popular option is the T10 Card (€10.20), which gives you 10 trips in total - fun fact: you can split the journeys on this card with a mate if you’re strapped for time. This extends to 30 days and 50 days (not that you’ll need it, likely). The Metro is open 5am to midnight Sunday to Thursday, until 2am on Fridays and operates a 24 hour service on Saturdays to get the drunk and disorderly home safely. Here’s a useful map of Barcelona’s metro system.


Barcelona’s bus network is a more scenic alternative to the Metro and can be very convenient in a pinch. Your T10 Card is valid on buses, but you can also purchase single journeys for €2.20 in cash or card from the driver. The main bus station is Barcelona Nord, where most journeys begin and end. Here’s a useful map of the Barcelona bus network.


Zip through Barcelona’s cobbled streets or cruise the beachfront on a scooter. You’ll need a valid UK driver’s license and whatever you do, do not use your phone while driving (even if checking Google Maps) - stop, check then go. Most rentals start at €20 for 2 hours or €40 per day, with companies like Via Vespa and Cooltra coming highly recommended. And remember - don’t drink and drive!


Food Markets

Barcelona is renowned for its food and so any foodie visiting will be spoilt for choice. We encourage a stroll around some of the many food markets that are dotted around the city but probably the biggest and best known is the Bocqueria food Market, a sight to be seen and easy to get to being located just off La Ramblas.


Paella Cooking Class

A Barcelona travel guide wouldn’t be complete without paella! So embrace the city’s famous cooking culture and either dine out, or go full service and make your own authentic paella dish on an interactive cooking workshop.

Where To Stay

On a tight budget? When staying in Barcelona, there are a lot of comfortable and affordable accommodation choices and if you’re just looking for a cheap place to dump your bags, a dorm room in a hostel is maybe your best bet.

If you want to splurge on somewhere a bit more impressive, you’ll also find a lot of stylish hotels in the more popular areas like Las Ramblas, but in either case Barcelona has an excellent public transport system, with a metro that rivals London’s tube, so you’ll have no problem getting around wherever you choose to stay.

Staying in a central barrio means most attractions are in walking distances with taxis available for those a bit further but, for tourists staying a distance away the metro provides reliable means of getting from place to place.

Useful Barcelona Phrases

In Barcelona the locals also speak Catalan so assuming you know a little Spanish don’t be surprised if you don’t recognise what they’re saying. If however you can speak Castellano then reply in this and the locals will soon understand that you wish to speak in this dialect and not Catalan.

Hello - Hola
How are you? - Como estas? Que tal?
What time is it? - A que hora es?
Where is? - Donde es?
Una cerveza por favor - A beer please

A lot of them also speak English, so remaining true to the English stag reputation of failing to even so much as attempt to try and speak some of the native language, we do not expect you to learn any Castellano prior to your trip!