Sure, as the Best Man you’ve got a lot of planning and organisation to do. But that’s not to say it’s a boring role. In fact, there’s so many ways to personalise your stag do. And that’s where it gets really fun.

For a weekend away of legendary fun and games, check out some of these ideas and pick one that will be perfect for your poor old mate.


Kidnap the stag

If you want see your best mate crying like a baby, squirming in his seat and filling his pants, you can set up a fake arrest or kidnap scenario. When the fake coppers or kidnappers drag your friend away to begin their ‘interrogation,’ he’ll be wishing he’d just had a few pints down the local. That’s until he finds out that everybody’s an actor and his giggling mates have stitched him up good and proper.


Puppy love

Ah, dogs. Such sweet, loving and loyal creatures…. Until they’re running towards you with their teeth bared, ready to take a chunk out of your arm. You can stitch up your stag by dressing him in protective gear and letting a German shepherd loose on him. As soon as the beast comes firing out of the blocks, you can guarantee the stag will be cursing your name. But once he’s recovered, he’ll have a hilarious memory of his stag to thank you for.


Whips, chains and candlewax

If your stag fancies himself a bit of a Christian Grey, why not test out his saucy side with a dominatrix show? Watch him fidget nervously while a gang of leather-clad ladies indulge their sadomasochistic fantasies on your best mate. Whips, chains, candle wax and much more are waiting for the poor lad.


Extreme stag do drinking games

Instead of a city guide, we’ve decided to share a few of the drinking games and rules we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. You should have preset ‘frenzy’ periods when drinking games, rules etc. apply. Or you can make them apply to the whole trip, though that might just be a recipe for a disaster. Check out these extreme stag do drinking games.


Fancy dress

It’s one of the only times when it’s acceptable for men to wear matching outfits, so take advantage. If your stag likes a particular TV show, you could all dress up from characters from that. Or, if you really want to wind him up, dress up as something you know he hates. Check out these amazing stag do fancy dress ideas if you’re still undecided.


Booze free

The stag do doesn’t have to be all about getting hammered, hungover and helplessly lost. Instead, there’s loads of great booze free ideas for stag dos. Plus, you’ll even get to remember these once in a lifetime events! For more info, check out these booze free stag do ideas.


Send out the group email

Remember, you’re not alone when it comes to personalising the stag do. You’ve got a group of guys that we’re sure will have loads of ideas of their own. While it’s important to give everyone the chance to chip in, remember the Chillisauce golden rule - ‘go Big, go Hard, but don’t leave any lasting scars, whether physical or mental.’

So, there it is - our top ideas to enhance the stag do. We’ve got loads of great stag do pranks in loads of locations. Plus, before you head off for the stag do, it’s worth reading this blog post that will help you survive the stag do. Once you’ve pulled off the greatest stag do of all time, you can get started on perhaps the scariest bit of all - the speech.